The holiday shopping season starts now – what you need to know


Today marks the first ever annual HolidApril. Now the holiday season starts even sooner, and that means more deals for you! We’ve heard about the couple camped out at Best Buy already, and if you don’t hurry, you’ll miss out on all the deals! 

Our Dealpros chimed in with their thoughts about this holiday season, as did our very own President. 

Our courageous leader, Loren Bendele, encourages us to plan ahead. With 62% of members already having completed their holiday shopping for the next five years, it’s plain to see that we love deals and planning ahead!

As word spreads about the new holiday shopping season starting even earlier, the lines have become intense! 

Lynette Rice from has already completed all of her holiday shopping online, and has peace of mind knowing that the only long line she’ll stand in is the one for Santa. Make sure you get a free candy cane from Santa, Lynette!

DealPro Aimee Brittain from warns that the hot games for this season are already selling out. If you’re not in line right now, you’re missing out! 

Zach Reyes of already has his game plan ready for the line at Best Buy. It’s growing quickly, so run – don’t walk to the nearest Best Buy! 

Ryan Preston of gives a word of warning for all of you that may be hesitating in getting started now. In this case, the early bird catches the deals for the holiday season!

Karen Rodriquez of also chimes in to say that you should at least be half way done with your Christmas shopping by now. Stop procrastinating and get that shopping done! 

So before you get too far behind, plan out your list and start your holiday shopping today! And let the Christmas music begin! Jennie from will start us out with a jolly tune…


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