The Lindsay Lohan Photo Shoot and Other Celebrity Cash-ins


You can’t go a day without hearing about Lindsay Lohan and her repeated visits to the court and the slammer. Why this girl doesn’t just clean up her act is beyond me. Let’s hope she really learns something from her latest jail sentence of less than 24 hours. I guess she didn’t know that cocaine would show up in drug tests.

But she has been trying to get some money for a staged photo opp of her wearing her newest accessory, the SCRAM bracelet , used to monitor her alcohol intake. Lindsay was reportedly seeking $10,000 for a posed photo of her and SCRAM. Too bad none of the big players bit, so she ended up doing the set up with a small agency.

Why would they considering there are TONS of photos of her and her SCRAM gear… We all remember when Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins, Knox and Vivienne two years ago. The media scrambled to get the first exclusive photos of her with her new babies. In the end, People magazine won and published the Brangelina twins for $14 million as the cover of their August 4, 2008 issue. This still remains as the most expensive celebrity photos ever.

Back in March 2008, People paid Jennifer Lopez $6 million for photos of her twins. At least we know that Brangelina’s hefty paycheck went to a foundation created by them focused on helping children around the world.

According to, Jolie-Pitt twins People issue sold 2.6 million copies which is its biggest selling issue in seven years and its 4th highest selling issue ever after the 9/11, Princess Diana and JFK Jr. death covers. People’s newsstand price is $3.99 per copy, which brings the total to $7,774,000. Not bad at all.

Back in June 2010, Shannon Price sold ex-husband Gary Coleman’s death photos for $10,000 to Globe magazine. Talk about keeping it classy, Shannon.

While we are discussing classy, how about the Levi Johnston Playgirl photo shoot where he got paid more than $100,000 to pose half nude in the magazine? According to an interview he did with US Magazine , he said “I just get naked, that’s what I do.” Good to know, Levi.

Seems like the paparazzi aren’t the only ones trying to make a buck with photos. Celebs are jumping on the bandwagon–or perhaps more accurately, turning the tables–to make a pretty penny or two. In fact, Adrien Grenier recently got BEHIND the camera to make a documentary called Teenage Paparazzo about 13 year-old paparazzi Austin Visschedyk.

What other celebs have cashed in on photo ops?

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