The Prudent Pantry: More Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas


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Every year I swear that I am going to give baked goods as holiday gifts, and every year I run out of time. Not this year! At least, I hope not.

Here are the homemade food treats I have in mind: Peppermint Bark: This peppermint bark recipe looks good–and only three ingredients! Plus, you know crushing the candy canes will be fun. (If you’re unsure how to do that, try sticking them in a ziplock bag and setting them on a cutting board, then bashing the bag–kinda gently–with the bottom of a pan.)

Ginger Snaps: My friend Catherine swears by this extra-spicy ginger snap recipe. She also doubles the cayenne pepper, which makes them really snap!

Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookies: Salted caramels seems to be the “in” dessert right now, and these caramel cookies capitalize on it perfectly! Basic shortbread with salted caramel filling, yum! And I bet you could substitute your favorite jam if you were feeling a bit too timid to make the caramel.

Mulling Spices: I gave out mulling spices a few years ago and all the recipients were surprised and seemed to love it. You can give it with a bottle of wine or cider if you like. I bought those little muslin tea/spice bags from a kitchen supply shop and a big tin of pre-mixed spices, but you could easily mix your own. Try this mulling spice recipe.

Hot Cocoa: I’m thinking I’ll just mix cocoa and sugar (you could buy pre-mixed instant hot cocoa) with some cinnamon for a Mexican Chocolate flavor, and maybe throw in some mini marshmallows for fun. I’ll give these packets with a mug.

For more ideas for homemade treats that make excellent holiday gifts, check out Juliana’s recent post.

Do you do homemade edible gifts? What do you give? (I hope someone says fruitcake! I’m on the hunt for a good recipe.)

Annika Barranti is a writer living in Los Angeles and blogging for the personal finance blog as well as her personal blog, Through the Looking Glass. She and her husband are raising two children and trying to eat well on a tiny budget.

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  1. MyOtherBlog

    4 years ago

    I definitely love to give homemade treats for the holidays. I tend to do it for the in-laws are notoriously never “need anything” and are really hard to shop for otherwise. I make them cookies and fudge. And this year I’m doing it for my brother’s son and step-sons. They are teenage boys and I can’t afford to give them the Wii games or iPods or anything else they truly want but what teenage boy doesn’t like snacks or treats? I’m doing the cocoa thing with them and some chocolate-dipped pretzel rods. Or I may make them one of those cookie-mix-in-a-jar things.

  2. Saisquoi

    4 years ago

    Chex mix. Everyone gets Chex mix every year, and I always feel totally lame and predictable, but you know what? Everyone LOVES it. So, lame and predictable FTW, I guess :)

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