Three New Android Games That Will Obliterate Your Free Time

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I hate boredom. Just thinking about it bores me. Even writing about it… Well, let’s move on.

Fortunately, living in the smartphone age means we don’t need to be bored. Not now, not ever. Bring it on, waiting room! Do your worst, line at the DMV! Delay my flight another hour, airline! I scoff at your attempts to make me suffer the horrors of boredom.

That’s because I’ve got my Android phone (a Moto X, if you’re curious) and three of the latest brain games. Two are also available for iOS, but one of them is an Android-only app. All three: guaranteed to destroy not only your boredom, but also any free time you thought you had.

Seriously, play these at your own risk–risk of serious entertainment!


Chances are good you’ll never get to appear on a game show (and, let’s face it, Jeopardy looks hard), but QuizUp is the next best thing.

It’s a quiz show, one you play on your phone against friends or strangers. Just pick a category (from a wide range of choices, everything from Actors to Coldplay to Name the Candy to “The X-Files”), then get instantly matched with another player for head-to-head competition.

For example, do you love “Arrested Development”? (First three seasons: best show ever. Reboot season: meh.) You’ll get a series of questions about the show. Answer correctly, you get points. Answer correctly and before the other player, you get more points. Simple as that. Most points at the end, wins.

QuizUp is free, ridiculously fun, and proof positive that you’re not quite as smart as you think you are. (Or maybe it’s just me.)


Already a mega-popular productivity killer for iOS, Threes finally made its way to Android earlier this month–meaning the other half of the country is now in jeopardy.

The object of this seemingly simple puzzle game is simple: slide together numbered cards to create larger ones until they fill up a grid. When that happens, your score is tallied and it’s game over. Also when that happens: “Hey, I gotta try that again!”

Indeed, although your only goal is to beat your own high score, Threes is one of those inescapable “just one more time” games. Consider yourself warned.

By the way, Threes normally sells for $2.99, but for a limited time you can get it for the introductory price of $1.99.

Part Boggle, part Scrabble, Wordiest is all fun.

Graze Rift

It works like this: You get 14 random letters, each with a score value. (Some have letter or even word multipliers as well.) Your job is to assemble them into two words, using the most letters you can and arranging them such that you get the highest possible score.

When you’re done, you see how your score compares with other players who received the same batch of letters. Then you kick yourself for missing such an obvious word (“Blather!”) and proceed to try again. And again. Try to stop for food every once in a while.

Wordiest is free, though it’ll hit you up with ads unless you pay a few bucks to get rid of them.

Sorry, iPhone owners: This seriously excellent game is for Android only.


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