Three tips to start Spring cleaning for free!


Spring Cleaning Fever is highly contagious.  If you’re not careful you’ll end up exhausted, discouraged . . . and broke.

I know what it’s like to start with gusto, load up on cleaning supplies, and then become overwhelmed and frustrated without much to show for the effort and money spent. Here are a few tips to help you save your money and your sanity this spring.

Start cleaning BEFORE you head to the store. 

Making a long shopping list of supplies . . . is a stall tactic.

You don’t need to buy anything to get started. Grab a trash bag and go through your house looking for things you can throw away. As you go, your home will look better and you’ll see which areas need the most work.

After you’ve pitched the trash, use cleaning tools you already have.  Dust with rags or old (clean!) cloth diapers.  Sweep hard floors and vacuum carpet.  You’ll be amazed at how much better your home looks, and you’ll see which products you need to buy for the areas that need deep cleaning.

You may need to purchase cleaning supplies, but if you start cleaning before making a list, your list will be MUCH shorter.
Declutter instead of organizing.

I know. Decluttering is the first step of organizing, but I had to separate them. “Getting organized” involves containers, labels and such, but doesn’t get to the heart of the problem. In my home, the real problem was (and sometimes still is) too much stuff.

There’s no point in organizing things you don’t need.
When your home has an overabundance of unnecessary items, the thought of getting organized can cause heart palpitations and extreme hopelessness. This can make you give up before you even start.

Forget about organizing, and allow yourself to just declutter. Focus on one space at a time, and get rid of things you don’t need. That space (and your entire home) will feel comparatively organized.

No expensive baskets needed.

Do the dishes.

Fine. Doing the dishes requires water and soap, and water and soap cost money . . . but you probably have those things on hand.

Oh. You’re not concerned about money. You’re irritated because doing the dishes has nothing to do with spring cleaning?

Everyone knows spring cleaning is much nobler than doing dishes. It’s taking down curtains and beating pillows and steam-cleaning carpets.

But perhaps (just perhaps) you haven’t spring cleaned in years because you can’t see the carpet. Maybe you tried, but you gave up because you felt you couldn’t make real, lasting progress.

If that’s you, you don’t need to spring clean. You need to do the dishes.

I speak from experience. I lived for years trying to do Big Fancy Cleaning Days, but they never had any lasting effect because I was avoiding the one thing that keeps a home out of Disaster Status.


I started doing my dishes every single day and learned how to keep them from getting out of control. Maybe your sink is always empty, but other areas are a constant struggle. They make you want to throw in the (dirty) towel and give up on ever having a clean and comfortable home. Use the feverish motivation of spring cleaning season to help you begin developing habits that will make a lasting impact in your home. You’ll be amazed at the effect they have.

What are your spring cleaning plans this year?

Dana White writes daily as Nony (short for aNONYmous) at A Slob Comes Clean. She shares the truth about cleaning and organizing methods that actually work in real life. Her e-books, 28 Days to Hope for Your Home (Not for the Mildly Disorganized) and Drowning in Clutter? (Don’t Grab a Floatie . . . Drain the Ocean!) are written from the perspective of someone who truly understands what it’s like to struggle to keep a home under control.


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