Top 10 Alternative Uses for Livestrong Bracelets


By now, we’re all aware of Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace. In an interview with Oprah this week, the pro cycling champion and Livestrong founder admitted to doping to win his seven Tour de France titles.

Naturally, the public isn’t too crazy about Armstrong these days. But what to do with all those yellow Livestrong bracelets we collected over the years? Here are a few ideas. 10. Stack 10 together to make a beer cozy

9. Chew toy for dogs who don’t keep up with the news

8. Use it ironically as a workout band. Zing!

7. String 10,000 together to make a raincoat

6. Band them into a ball for kids who don’t keep up with the news

5. Put them in corn husks so people will think you own a lot of corn (useful if you live in the 1600s and want to communicate plenitude to guests)

4. Hang them from the ceiling to make a jungle gym for your pet sugar glider

3. Use it to keep two grapefruit halves together while maintaining the appearance of one whole grapefruit

2. Fling them at girls who try to come into your treehouse

1. Melt it down into an adhesive; use to put up posters of new sports hero

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  1. ChuckG

    2 years ago

    That is so messed up it’s funny!


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