Top 10 things every graduate should have for college


Seems like just yesterday I was leaving home and venturing out on my own into the brave wide unknown territory known as college. It was both a scary and exciting time. Looking back on that time, there’s quite a few things I couldn’t live without and would recommend as must-haves for any would-be college-bound student!

10. Coffee Maker. Ah, the faithful old coffee maker saw me through many a late night of studying and even fed me ramen noodles on a regular occasion. Perfect for coffee, cooking soups and sometimes hot dogs (yeah, you read that right…). 

9. Coffee. What? You thought I’d mention coffee maker and not mention the most important part about a coffee maker? 

8. Coffee creamer… get my point. 

7. Grocery gift cards. Starving college students are just that…starving. Send ‘em off with a grocery gift card so they can buy things like ramen noodles and coffee.  6. Coupon binder and coupons. College students will quickly learn that they need to become savvy shoppers at the grocery store. What better way to encourage this than to send them off with coupons?

5. A ticket to a coupon class. Education is a must, right? Find a coupon class in your area here.

4. Portable shower caddy. Ah….not having our own bathrooms…those were the days, right?

3. Small whiteboard for messages. College students love to have these on their dorm room doors. They’re a great way to communicate or spend some downtime doodling on. 

2. Laundry detergent and quarters. Unless you want to do all their laundry every time they come home (which is nice by the way), show them how independent they can be when it comes to proper laundering. 

1. Coffee mug. Oh you thought they should drink all that coffee straight from the pot? Well, yeah I guess they’ll probably end up doing that too…

Congratulations graduates! Drink your coffee, use your coupons, and study hard this coming year! 

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