Urban Outfitters Surplus Store is a Red-Tag Lovers Dream


The average person’s experience with Urban Outfitters is mainly, “This place is okay, but too expensive.” It’s a store that has some cute stuff, but also way too many overalls. Who the hell is wearing overalls these days? I’m no slave to fashion, but I do like to buy decent looking clothes now and then.

I’ll admit that Urban Outfitters has some good clothes, but the real problem are the prices. Shirts that go for $40-$70? Dresses for $70-$100? Who has that kind of dough? Well a lot of people I’m sure, but not me.

UO dress (scratch 1)

UO shorts (Scratch 2)

My experience with Urban Outfitters has been to zip right through the regular priced stuff, and go straight to the sad little corner with the word “SALE” hung over it. That tiny section of clothing is much more in my price range, and often, has at least one thing that would fit me. Or, at least one thing I could squeeze well enough into where I would convince myself that it fit me. I long accepted that this was to be my fate with Urban Outfitters, forever.

But one day as I was walking to work, my fate of dashing to a lonely dark corner to buy anything with a red tag changed. I discovered the existence of the Urban Outfitters Surplus store (Sherman Oaks, CA). An Urban Outfitters store where everything was always on sale!

UO 5 or less (Scratch 3)

UO Surplus dress (Scratch 4)

Clothes were all over the walls with signs that read “this entire wall $5 or less” (mostly crop tops and jackets). Jeans were on sale for $20-$30, and dresses were priced as low as $10, but mostly between $20-$40. The men’s section was arguably larger than any men’s section of a regular Urban Outfitters store. Shirts for men were as low as $10, and button-ups were in the $20 price range.

Note: Some items were downright ugly including t-shirts with horrible graphics, MC Hammer-like puffy pants and holiday themed sweaters, which no one needs to wear–not even during the holidays.

They also had a selection of those cutesy knick-knacks. You know, mugs that say “Selfie” and lip balm decorated with marijuana leaves. You could also get brightly colored tights and wallets for as low as $3. Bags, purses and shoes were also available for as low as $10, but most were in the $20 range.

UO boots

At the regular Urban Outfitters, you may have been able to get a dress and some tights for $100. But at the surplus store, for that amount of money, you could get three dresses, three pairs of tights, and a purse or new pair of shoes. My advice is to peruse through the terrible, and you’ll probably find several items of clothing you do like, and it’ll be cheap.

At the end of the day, everything at the surplus store was cheaper than at your average Urban Outfitters. The only downside is that surplus stores don’t exist in many places like your regular stores. The official Urban Outfitters website doesn’t help when it comes to locating one near you, so your best bet is Yelp or a similar site. Hopefully, there will be more pop-ups in the near future, which we definitely need in this economy!

Alison Stevenson is a comedian and writer. She frequently contributes to VICE, and Filmdrunk as well as perform stand up comedy. Follow her on Twitter: @JustAboutGlad

(Source: Savings.com)

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