The Penultimate Fashion Valentine’s Gift Guide


Yes, Valentine’s Day is almost here!  So just in case you are a man with a sweetie and still giftless and clueless, here’s one more blog post that might help you out. And no, the snuggie on sale at your local drugstore is not an acceptable Valentine’s Day fashion gift. We surveyed some very fashionable ladies from and around the country to see what they wish for this Valentine’s Day.

Listen to the ladies and you can’t go wrong.     DealPro Annie Mebane presented this idea in a earlier blog post, but
    it’s such a great one, we thought we’d bring it up again. “I’d love a hot
    pair of shoes
,” she says. “And a note inside that says, ‘I’m taking you
    out tonight.
‘” Believe it or not, it’s not too late order online for this    
    Valentine’s Day. Many merchants are also featuring special shipping
    offers to help you get it there on time at an affordable price.

University of Florida PHD student Amy Martinelli says she could go for anything cashmere. “Do they even make cashmere lingerie?” she asked. Well Amy, glad you asked, because, yes, yes they do. We love this silk and cashmere original set from Etsy designer FoundryDesign. For a luxurious and practical gift consider a cashmere robe. Restoration Hardware is currently offering a variety of colors at a discount.

Los Angeles actress Anne Gregory says she’d be happy with a “fitted hoodie I could wear all the time.” That’s actually a pretty great universal gift idea for men and women. Ecko is a great stop for original gifts for men, and is currently offering a Valentine’s Discount. You can’t go wrong with the simplicity of Gap or Old Navy for a comfy hoodie for daily wear. Don’t forget to check for the latest coupons at before you checkout.

    New York fashion diva and Frisky writer Simcha Whitehill longs for the
    whimsy of Alexis Bittar costume jewelry. The Alexis Bittar website
    breaks down gifts exactly for the type of girl you are shopping for from
    Hollywood Starlet to Victorian Rocker, Bittar has suggestions of fun
    jewelry for any lady with varied prices. That said, if you have a hard to
    please fashionista, this is an easy and bankable way to go.

    Deal Pro Heather Simmons seems not too hard to please. “If my husband bought me any article of clothing that wasn’t a T-shirt from a touristy destination I would be pleased,” she says. If she had to pick her penultimate gift she says she’d like “An absurdly expensive over-sized handbag that I would never spend money on myself.” Agreed, Heather–every lady should own an over-sized Louis Vuitton bag once in her life. But if you’re shopping for a bag your lady will love and you don’t have a Louis-sized spending account, check out these numbers from QVC.  They may not be a Louis, but you can still shop name brands at discounted prices.

If you are not in the need to search for the penultimate gift this Valentine’s season, get a head start on your spring cleaning and give yourself the gift of organization while doing good. Spring clean your closet early and donate those unneeded items to the earthquake victims of Haiti. Shoes are especially needed. Fashion Delivers is taking light weight clothing, socks, underwear, sneakers, and sheets. Foot Solutions is taking shoe donations at any of their 240 worldwide locations.

Best wishes for you and yours for a Happy Valentine’s Day. For more fashion news and great deals follow me @CoupieSavings.

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  1. HSimas

    5 years ago

    Hey, I didn’t say I’d be “pleased.” I said I’d fall off a chair! p.s. My husband gave me a snuggie for Valentine’s Day last year.

  2. MBones

    5 years ago


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