Video Game News: Black Friday Gaming Don’ts and Dos

As we dive headlong into the madness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the beginning of the that is the 2011 Holiday Shopping season, let’s take a look at the biggest news to hit the video game world this week. Also, I’ll answer the question, which games should you keep on your discount-radar heading into Friday and Monday?


Up first is news about Gamestop‘s nascent streaming video game service. First the good: Gamestop is now streaming games. Now the bad news…Gamestop is now streaming games. I say bad news because it is going to cost more than we initially thought. According to a recent report at, as confirmed by, gamers signing up for the console streaming service would be required to pay an additional fee if they want to transfer those games from their consoles to other devices.

“According to the report, paying a surcharge on top of an eligible game’s base price would allow access to purchased console titles on tablets, mobile devices, and internet-connected TVs. The system in place is described as “pro-console,” and publisher-friendly.”

Gamestop, while being one of the biggest gaming retailers on the planet, is not often known as one of the fairest when it comes to cutting the consumer a break. While they do have numerous specials online and in-store, their reputation for offering some of the worst trade-in deals on used games is legendary. Now don’t get me wrong–I’m not totally against the Gamestop service. I think it can be a good idea, on par with what OnLive is doing. I just think that additional fees to play a game that has already been purchased is a bit too much.

According to Gamestop’s Mike Mauler, “So we’re not looking at a service where you can just play games in the cloud…”

And therein lies the problem with Gamestop’s service. They should be offering just such a service. The aforementioned OnLive, a cloud-based service, does not charge any additional fees beyond the initial purchase price for the games. And they allow you to play it anywhere on any device…free.

For now and for my money, Steam is the better service for downloading and streaming games on devices other than my console. Steam also offers better discounts on newly released games as well as older classics.

Call of Duty Elite…$$$

In other news, it seems that many gamers ARE willing to shell out extra cash on top of their initial purchases for a AAA title, as long as they feel it is worth it. The Call of Duty: Elite Premium Service costs $49.99. That’s $50 more on top of the $59.99 it costs to purchase the game new. So far though, over a million fans have signed up. Certainly you get a lot of cool perks for your money. But, personally, I find it hard to justify spending $110 on one game.

Three Games to Watch

Finally, these three games should be on every fan’s shopping list this holiday season. Assassins Creed Revelations, Saints Row The Third, and Uncharted 3. These have already seen slight discounts on sites such as Amazon, but should see significant drops over the next few days.

Well that’s my time for this week folks. Enjoy the Turkey and happy hunting on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As always, for riveting insight into the world of video games, the latest news from inside the industry, or just lame jokes with a video game theme, join me on Twitter @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    It’s $50 on top of $50 to play one game? My, times have changed. That’s ridiculous.

  2. champ76

    3 years ago

    My son really wants the new Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 video game for Christmas.All I can say is,why do they have to be so darn expensive?

  3. champ76

    3 years ago

    $60 for a new video game is just out right crazy !

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    4 months ago

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