Video Game News: Summer Price Drops, Re-releases and Free Apps


The title is a bit misleading as I want to talk about more than just price drops. I want to share some discount options in general. As the calendar turns to June and Summer is now upon us, The Guy Video Game Roadshow rolls on with my choices for the coolest free gaming apps, portable gaming price cuts, and console discounts you’ll want to scoop up as the temperature starts to rise. Nintendo Makes Their Most Popular Portable Wallet-Friendly

To kick off the month, Nintendo announced that the DS Lite would see a price drop from the standard $129.99 down to $99.99 at your friendly neighborhood gaming or electronics store. The DS Lite price drop will take effect on June 5th across the U.S.

Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 “Classics

Classic collections or games dubbed “Greatest Hits” or “Platinum Hits” by either Sony or Microsoft have been around for a couple of gaming generations now. The great thing about these re-packaged, re-released titles is that they are usually 1) great games that you may have missed out on when they debuted, and 2) are available at a much lower price than they were originally.

Didn’t catch the first Mass Effect on the 360 when it was all the rage and selling for $60 new? No worries. Pick up the Platinum Hits version of the original Mass Effect brand new for just $20. Want something more recent? Check out Gamestop for hits like the discounted version of Fable II or Halo Wars.

Back to my list, July sees the release of the Resistance Greatest Hits dual pack. Priced at $39.99, that’s two hit games–Resistance Fall of Man and Resistance 2–for less than the price of one new game.

This month, on the 21st specifically, sees the release of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Classic Trilogy HD. Tops on my personal must-have list this summer, this package will run $40 and includes three Splinter Cell Games on a single disc: The original Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow, and Chaos Theory. These were originally first Xbox (1 and 360) release titles that were ported over to the PS2. The results at the time were less than equal in terms of look to their Microsoft versions. The games are now getting the HD treatment for the PS3, PS2 and PC. Think of this collection as the remixed, remastered version complete with a fresh coat of paint. Not only are they now in HD, but, according to IGN, “Splinter Cell Trilogy will run in 3D (if you have a television capable of supporting 3D, that is) and each game in the Trilogy has been ported not from the PlayStation 2 versions of the games but rather the PC versions.

Apps Worth Every Penny…Because They’re Free

iOS (Apple) has treated the first of the month like a holiday dropping the price of a few of its cooler game apps down to the family friendly price of zero. While many of these are only good through today (so I won’t mention them because when you read this, today will be yesterday–space-time continuum factoid number 101…), some will be available for awhile longer with no end date specified. Jump on them fast though, because it’s a safe bet that they won’t remain free for long.

First up is Crazy Car HD, which is available for the iPad and usually costs $1.99. Yes, I know, not bank breaking, but free beats $2 any day in my book. The game basically puts you in control of traffic lights and it’s your job to make sure every single car crosses safely past the lights. Yes, not exactly rocket science, but it is fun as all get out.

When you’re done saving the streets from people who thought the driving manual was just a loose set of guidelines, be sure to download Memory4Kidz which is 4Free (see what I did there?) in the Android Marketplace. It is a simple memory game that can be fun for adults as well. “Memory4Kidz is a simple memory game that allows children to focus on the basics of colors, numbers and shapes by choosing the appropriate game type.” My friend downloaded it for his daughter and she absolutely loves it.

That’s it for this week. As always, you can follow my further musings on all things video games and consumer electronics via Twitter @SavingsGCapes. See you right back here next week for more fun and frivolity.

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  1. Yasarh

    3 years ago

    Splinter Cell Trilogy is going to awesome. Good call on the Platinum Hits. That’s how I got GoW & GoW2

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