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This week sees the return of the Yasar and Guy show. Your dynamic duo of gaming greatness is back again. This time we took a trip down to our local Gamestop to find out the best ways for you, our fellow gamers, to save on your next video game purchase. We were also looking to wow them with promises of fame and stardom via our Flip Camera video upload. Basically we wanted free swag for adding some customer and employee mugs and soundbytes to the blog.

Guess what? They said no.

Can you believe it geeknation? Actually, there is some policy in effect, to deter theft we were told, that prohibits in-store filming. All very hush-hush, mandated from corporate type stuff.

Fear not, your agents of cool were not deterred. We interviewed __________ (name withheld to protect the guilty) at Gamestop anyway, sans camera.

He spilled the beans on the ways they look to help gamers save. One of the best ways to save when contemplating one, two, or twenty new game purchases is to take advantage of Gamestop’s trade-in policy. Often when I just can’t wait to grab a hot new game, I scoop up all of the old games I’m pretty much done with and head down to the store to see what value I can get for my dust-collecting titles. On several occasions I have walked out of the store with a brand new game priced at $60 having actually only paid anywhere between $2 and $10 for it. Old games that you no longer plan on playing are usually going to either stay on the shelf or you’ll end up giving them away receiving absolutely no return on your initial monetary investment.

Gamestop’s trade-in system allows you to get either store credit or direct trade-in value whether you show up to purchase new adventures, accessories, portables, or consoles. In addition to their normal offer, Gamestop also offers special limited time trade-in bonuses. These usually entail trading in any game towards the purchase or pre-order of certain games they select. Savings can total up to 25% in trade-in credit and the deals can usually be found on their website. They also have console values and multiple game Trade More, Get More incentives.

If you’re too attached to your current selection of video games, there are still plenty of discounts out there for you.  Gamestop has a weekly ad you can get by subscribing to their newsletter.  You’ll find a handful of games with discounts or bonuses.  They also usually have a pretty good coupon included that lasts the whole week. 

The best way to save on the games you’re dying to play is to wait.  If you just stand in the store for a while, the cashiers will usually feel sorry for you and give you a 50% discount.  Okay, you got me.  That will never work.  What I meant to say was, if you wait a few months after a game comes out, you can usually get a great discount on a used copy of it ($25-$35 vs. $60 for the same game).  This may not be ideal for people who are itching to play that hot new shooter, but you’re ultimately going to get the same experience as the suckers who bought it the day it came out.  Plus you’re now $30 richer.  You can use that money to buy diapers for baby, use it as beer money, or even pay off those delightful parking tickets you’ve accumulated over the last few months.  It’s a win/win situation if I’ve ever heard of one.  We even have Gamestop coupons to help you save even more on those shiny used discs that provide you with endless entertainment.

Now that you have the tools you need ( and maybe some old games to trade-in), you’re ready to go out into the real world and save money and start wasting time.  if you’re looking for more video game news, tech news, or just want some life advice, follow us on Twitter:  @YasarSavings and @SavingsGCapes.

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  1. GuyandYasar

    5 years ago

    Also of note is that EBGames, which is owned by Gamestop, has the same policy as far as trade-ins and used games.

  2. GrandeGato0707

    5 years ago

    Good stuff, I’m always up for saving a buck when buying my games. One other way to save some loot while experiencing the good times is to buy the games used. Although they might not have the “new new” games avail., they do have in my opinion a good selection to choose from. The used game policy is you have 7 days to play the hell out of the game, return it and you get all your loot back.. Gooood times…


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