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This week, the Wacky Product of the Week blog wades deep into the strange and kooky basement waters of party days gone by. It’s Beer Pong-related goofiness time folks. Not only that, but it’s beer pong…for kids! Okay, not really. But maybe? Step back in time with me to a few years ago, or last week (Chi Gamma Epsilon – Phi Lambda Rho alliance reigned supreme!) as we take a look at Cuponk and its endless possibilities for hours of fun beyond what the game makers initially intended. Silly frat boy jokes aside, Cuponk is an amazingly addictive, fun, family-friendly party game created by Hasbro Games. There are three featured sets to choose from, all with a cool cartoony theme attached. There is the Gorillanator which features a stylized primate in an army helmet similar in look to the band Gorillaz. There’s also the lucha libre inspired El Campeon , as well as the zombie themed Let It R.I.P. The game is simple, but challenging to master.

“The object: sink your ball into the cup and light it up. Get it in and you’ll hear the sweet sounds of victory, YEAH! You rock. Miss the shot and your friends get the chance to one-up you. When playing CUPONK your entire home can become a legitimate playing field. Tables, walls, chairs — IT’S ON! Test out sick trick shots like Runny Nose, Head Trauma and Stool Sample. What you don’t like the names? Okay tough guy, make up your own!”

Each set comes with a cup, two Cuponk custom ball, thiry cards with detailed tricks (but you can always come up with your own), instructions, and a backboard to get you started. Total cost is just $14.99 and the recommended age range is “9 and up.” It’s popular with guys like Bam Margera and is quickly becoming a staple on college campuses and in the man caves of thirty year-olds nationwide. You’ll need to grab some AAA batteries to activate the light and sound effects as well as expansion packs of extra balls that will cost $4.99 for seven and $5.99 for ten, respectively.

Cuponk in action:

As far as the beer pong I spoke about earlier: What you bet after each shot or round is your choice. The game is fully customizable to suit your party experience. So if shots for shots or chug for misses is your thing, have at it. The game plays just as great sans the demon alcohol. The bottom line is it is Fun with a capital “F .”

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