Wacky Product of the Week: DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

Wacky Product of the Week: DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

What do you get as a holiday gift for the person who has everything? A hand-crafted ice sculpture of the Virgin Mary for their kitchen? Nah, too modest. A shower curtain made entirely of gold flakes? Nah, too assuming. The entire Harry Potter series on Blu-ray? Nah, too hipster. You could really wrack your brain for hours trying to come up with something so perfect, so cool, so unique and out of this world that your friend will not be able to believe their eyes…

Oh, I know! How about a DJ Cat Scratch Turntable?? It’s the perfect gift, because they’ll never see it coming and even if they don’t have a cat, how could they not appreciate this gift of awesomeness? The DJ Cat Scratch Turntable is….exactly what it sounds like: a cat scratch toy that looks like a DJ turntable. So while Fluffy and Mittens are scratching the cardboard insert and sharpening their nails, people will think they’re trying to play musical instruments. Silly cats, those are for humans! But aww, aren’t they just precious trying to bring the party down with their mad DJ skills?

…and I know that usually when I make fun of a product, I honestly don’t have any intention of buying it–but this one, I cannot resist its adorable charm. I can’t help but want one for each of my cats! I want to YouTube a video of them scratching and set it to bad 80s tracks with wacky sound effects and colors.

But thankfully it’s $35 for this cute cat toy, and it looks to be made of pretty flimsy cardboard…which means that my cats will have destroyed it in days. But still, cute while it lasts, right?

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