Wacky Product of the Week: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Wacky Product of the Week: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

If you’re wondering what kind of classy, edgy, techy super present to get Dad for last minute Father’s Day gifts…I’d highly recommend you don’t read this blog post. But if you want to see some amusing ideas that you can grab to make him laugh or get Dad geeked out, look no further. These Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to make your pop smile, possibly make your mom cringe, and some are even–gasp–useful!

This week includes iPad accessories, a trimmer, and even a calculator that doesn’t run on your average AAs. What does it run on? Well, you’ll have to read on to find out. I know, the mystery of it might drive you insane.

In the usefulness vein, I’ve got the iPad Etch-A-Sketch Case for around $40 from PerpetualKid.com. Not only will your dad be the coolest 12-year-old-from-1980-trapped-in-a-man’s-body (think Tom Hanks in “Big“) but he’ll be able to impress all the wannabes and haters in the conference room too.

“Oh, is that an Etch-a-Sketch?” you ask. No, that’s just my killer iPad case–yawn–and yes I’m just that much of a wicked awesome hipster. Wanna see my SNES coffee mug and Harry Potter replica wands? Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t think you could handle it.

The case, while bringing all your dad’s childhood memories back, also protects the iPad with thick plastic and has a kickstand and everything. The only downside is that it’s not an actual Etch-A-Sketch. Sad times.

Not looking for something of the usual variety? Then pick up the Hydro Powered Calculator from PerpetualKid and Dad’ll never have to buy another regular old AA again. Yeah, that’s right, Dad’ll be kicking it old school with this baby.

It’s like living in a steampunk world…leave all your batteries behind and use water to conduct all the electric necessary to run this calculator. Just fill the water-batteries up with tap water, place them in, and voila! Instant geekdom.

For $11, Dad too can master hydro-electricity and impress his friends. Well, impress is a relative term…

And finally, give Dad the finger this Father’s Day and show him you care. No, not that finger!  The Finger Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer for $10 from BaronBob.com. Yeah, this one is so strange that I can’t exactly figure it out. Why did they create a trimmer shaped like an extra finger? Do men really like the idea of shoving fingers up their noses and into their ears so much that they’re willing to spend $10 on an extra appendage? (though if that’s the case, $10 is not a bad price…)

That’s all for this week. What are you guys seriously getting your dads for Father’s Day?

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