Wacky Product of the Week: Headphone Hats

Wacky Product of the Week: Headphone Hats

I don’t know about you, but I hate scalp-burn. You know, when your head gets sunburned? It’s worse than being burnt almost anywhere else, especially annoying when you start to peel–and yes there is a point to this gross rant—and it’s just awful to have. So I always have to wear a hat when I’m outdoors for long periods of time (yay, thin hair :(), which totally puts a damper on my music-listening times, because my big 1980s headphones won’t fit under my baseball cap.

What is a girl to do? I give you Headphone Hats from Firebox.com. For about $43, you can “wear the noise” as the website states. Now, this product is actually kind of cool (and hot during the summer), because you’ve got your head covered and protected from that nasty sun and you can easily listen to headphones without worrying about bulkiness or shoving them in your ears. Maybe it’s not worth $43 for a headphone hat or maybe if they came in baseball caps too I’d be more inclined to purchase, but you have to admit it’s a clever idea.

And yeah, sure, you could always just pull on a normal beanie over normal earphones–but hey, then maybe you would have created the Headphone Hat and be making money. Just sayin’.

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