Wacky Product of the Week: Kork iPad Case


This week I bring you a wacky product that is sure to appeal equally to the more environmentally conscious fans out there as well as you fellow artistic folks who love creating cool items from seemingly past-their-use items. As seen recently on Gizmodo, this unique iPad case from, well, Kork, is available at A Produkt for $67 US with free shipping. It is a neat looking iPad case comprised entirely of recycled cork.

Top features of the case include:

  • Recycled natural cork
  • Easy access to all buttons and inputs
  • Angled audio output for front projected sound
  • Angled mic wall for user directed sound caption

I know artists who use cork to create cool sculpture, so something like this definitely piques my interest.

What do you guys think? Cool item or weird idea?

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  1. Rick.Broida

    4 years ago

    Way too pricey, IMHO. I’m all for recycled stuff, but not when you have to pay a steep premium.

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