Wacky Product of the Week: Puppy Tweets

Wacky Product of the Week: Puppy Tweets

The one bad thing about Twitter is that anybody can get an account and think they’re cool. But actually the best thing about Twitter…is that anybody can get an account and think they’re cool. Unlike Facebook, which bans “non-humans” from creating accounts, you don’t have to leave your pets out when it comes to Twitter!

This is great for me, because my two kitties have a lot to tell the world. Sometimes a tweet is really the only necessary way to broadcast their message.  So imagine my absolute glee at finding Puppy Tweets, a little electronic toy that hangs around your puppy’s neck and auto-tweets his every thought. Even though it’s currently out of stock almost everywhere (Amazon and eBay have inventory sporadically), I am not kidding that this product exists. You can really auto-tweet your dog’s most intimate thoughts with this handy little toy from Mattel. It has about 500 pre-written tweets, from thoughts about food and playtime, to missing you or eating your favorite shoes. Every time your dog barks or whines or growls or yips, a tweet goes out to the pup’s Twitter account, which you create and sync for him.

This is for those people who have everything…except tweeting dogs.

Now if I could find ones for my cats, I’d be set–though I doubt my kitties would let me leave those things hanging from their necks for long.

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