Wacky Product of the Week: USB Powered Boots


Is another weekend seriously upon us? Where does the time go my friends? My seeming inability to keep track of days aside, I have managed to track down yet another wacky product sure to be of use to some and just a blip on the insignificant radar of others. Today I introduce you to USB powered hiking boots. No, no, I’m serious. Just keep reading. The Omni Heat boots from Columbia are designed to keep your feet warm during those long hikes through the dangerous wilds and treacherous swamp lands where the wild-haired things dwell. You know, New Jersey . All jokes aside, heated boots running off of a charge provided by a USB sounds very cool to me. The 21st Century gets more and more Jetsons everyday and I love it.

Set for a September release, with no price yet determined, the Omni Heat boots are just the first line in Columbia’s defense against frigid temperatures. The winter will see the roll-out of other products such as Omni Heat jackets and parkas.

Some of the basic functions of the boots are as follows:

  • Boosts heat retention by 20% on average
  • Dot lining provides heat retention while maintaining a high level of breathability to reduce excess heat and moisture
  • Metallic nature neutralizes static buildup

Sounds cool to me. What say you guys?

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