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While I usually write about current fashion trends that I love and how one can achieve them for less, there are many current fashion trends that I wish would die.  While some of these trends are fun, and some may be carried off by a few True Fashionistas, these trends in general are not flattering, not very wearable, and just need to leave the runway and the retailers.

Feather Extensions.  I cannot believe that a trend began due to Steven Tyler, and has endured for so long.  While the Aerosmith lead singer looks glam with feathers in his hair (as do other celebrities like Ke$sha and Selena Gomez), this is a trend that is tacky, inappropriate in most social settings, and is downright cruel and deadly to animals.


While feathers can look fun for a night out or a music festival, this is not a trend that looks professional, polished or stylish.  Not the right look for a job interview, meeting your boyfriend’s parents, or attending a wedding.  And before you defend this trend, do read this article from The Associated Press, featured on the Seattle Times.   It isn’t very stylish to hurt and/or kill birds for a passing fancy such as feather extensions.


Capes.  When capes came on the scene last year I fully embraced this trend.  It was a fun alternative to lightweight jackets and sweater coats.  However with time, I see that capes are unflattering to most, and not a functional fashion trend.  Capes either restrict your arm movement, or else leave your limbs completely exposed.  To be properly covered in cool weather, you need to invest in extra-long gloves, and only choose ensembles that have sleeves that look stylish peeking out of your cape armholes.   Capes aren’t very kind to women with curves — broad shoulders are emphasized, large busts cause the heavy fabric to tent out, and they often hit at the most unflattering point on the body.  While capes are adorable in theory, they rarely work well in daily practice.


Nail Art.  While I appreciate a fun color or finish, nail art has gone from being fun and creative to downright tacky.  Kits sold during late-night informercials to stencil flowers and Playboy bunnies on pinkies prove that this trend has jumped the shark.


Nail art isn’t appropriate in the office or for conservative and formal affairs (sorry Zooey Dechanel, that includes you and your tuxedo nails at the Golden Globes).  While young trendsetters may understand your choice, the rest of the world will find your nail art to be unprofessional and juvenile.  Stick to solid colors, and if you work in a conservative office, have your nail colors be subtle and more natural.


Mullet Skirts.  While a skirt or dress that is short in the front and long in the back can look utterly smashing on the runway or red carpet, it’s hard to apply this trend to the real world.  Like nail art, those who aren’t on the pulse of fashion won’t understand or appreciate your sartorial choice and wonder if part of your dress got caught in the elevator on the way up to the office.


Leggings as Pants.  Leggings are not pants.  Leggings are to be worn with longer tops, tunics, dresses — garments that will cover your bum.  Leggings are made of thin knit that no matter how rock-hard your glutes will show every lump, bump, and panty line.  Please wear them for their proper use — a heavyweight alternative to tights.


Fake Glasses.  When I was in middle school, I had a pair of gold and tortoise shell fake glasses; I bought them for about $5.00 from Afterthoughts and felt they made me look studious and cool.  Instead, they made me look like a fashion victim or a preteen with a cheap pair of glasses.


As someone who needs to wear prescription lenses, I am thrilled to see that eyewear is back en vogue.  However, I find it utterly ridiculous to wear fake glasses for the sake of fashion.  No matter your age or the price of the frames, you will still look as silly as my 12-year old self.


Drop-crotch Pants.  While some men have been wearing their pants low for a while, retailers like Oak are beginning to create jeans and pants with purposefully low crotches.  This look is not flattering on anyone, and I would think would be awkward to wear.  Be you a man or a woman, there is nothing fashionable about looking as though you had an accident in your trousers.


What current fashion trends do you wish would go?

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  1. ashleywade

    3 years ago

    I’m definitely guilty of getting caught up in the “leggings as pants” phenomenon. I don’t think fake glasses are always a bad bet though-I think they can be a fun way to accessorize, but you do need to make sure they don’t look cheap (or fake).

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