Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day 2011 on the Cheap


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Father’s Day, on June 19th this year, is fast approaching. You’ve (maybe) already got your Father’s Day gifts covered, and now it’s just a question of how to spend the day.

According to seasonal advertising, your options are limited to only the most traditionally masculine of activities. You can barbecue, attend a sporting event, have dinner at the Playboy Mansion, etc. But if you’re tired of doing the same activities year after year, here are a few suggestions for frugal Father’s Day activities outside of the hyper-masculine box. 1. Breakfast in Bed

If there’s a good reason that breakfast in bed is supposed to be exclusively for women, I’d love to hear it. Surprise your dad with an egg dish, a fruit or vegetable, a bread of some sort, and some juice or coffee. Breakfast is not only the cheapest meal to make, it’s also the easiest, in my opinion. Scramble some eggs with a few vegetables, toast two slices of bread, put together a nice fruit salad, and you’re done. For more ideas, check out these easy breakfast recipes.

2. Make Him Dinner

Who doesn’t like being served a homemade meal? Find an easy dinner recipe he would like, and pick up some nice beer or wine to go with it. Make his favorite dessert to top it off, or try a new easy dessert recipe. Making dinner an especially great option if you have siblings with whom you can share the cost and the labor. You can even do it potluck-style, if you prefer.

3. Matinée

A matinée is not only considerably cheaper than an evening movie, it’s also a fun way to seek refuge from hot summer weather. For bonus frugality, check to see if there are any second-run theaters in your area–they often run as low as $2-5 per ticket. If you’re in California or parts of Nevada, I recommend Regency Theaters: most locations play second-run movies, but the ones that only play first-run are still way cheaper than other theater chains.

4. Hiking

I know I always pitch this one, but that’s because it’s such a good all-occasions activity. Not only is it free or very cheap, it’s also scenic, exercise-based, and a good bonding experience. Plus, you can bring your whole family–even the dog!–for no extra cost. Find a park in your area and make a day out of it. Bring a picnic lunch if you’re so inclined.

5. Mini-Golf

What’s not to like about miniature golf? It’s fun and silly, the whole family can participate, and it’s cheap. Adult tickets are generally around $8, and tickets for children usually cost around $6. Plus, many courses are adjacent to batting cages, go-kart tracks and the like–which are ideal if you want to plan an all-day family outing.

How will you be spending Father’s Day this year?

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  1. ChuckG

    4 years ago

    I have found a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Good food it is!

  2. SandraRobinsonTimmons

    4 years ago

    Would love to surprise my hubby with this sweet treat!!!


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