Countdown to New Years 2012 – The Mommy Diet


Have you accomplished all of your 2011 goals?  If you did, Congratulations!  If you haven’t gotten around to it, then you have 2012 to accomplish those goals.

For many people, weightloss and health are high on the list for New Year’s resolutions.  If you watch the late night infomercials, HSN or QVC specials leading up to New Years Day, it’s fitness and weightloss products, one after the other (If you’re trying to score a deal on these sort of products, this is the time to do it).

While it’s difficult for most people to fight the battle of the bulge, for moms, it almost seems impossible (but it’s not, read more to find out how). 

With full time jobs, carpooling kids back and forth, extracurricular activities, errands, packing lunches and cooking dinner, it’s almost amazing that we do get a few minutes to squeeze in a bathroom break (and that’s sometimes).

Honestly speaking, I’d rather sleep the extra hour to get ready for a new day of spit ups, breastfeeding, carpooling, working full-time, driving and everything else in between (and these are things I do on a daily basis and even sometimes on the weekends).

So for moms, I get it–it’s a tough road.  But, it’s a tough road with possibilities and if anyone can do it, I know we can (I mean, who would believe that we didn’t sleep for the first 2 to 3 months of our baby’s life and I really mean, NO sleep).

So I’ve come up with “The Mommy Diet” (please note that this has NOT been scientifically proven nor tested by myself). It’s a diet that’s really not a diet.  You go about your normal day as usual and you’re actually working out and losing weight.  What’s the catch?  There is none.  But you should know that it may or may not work for you (but I am optimistic).

Here is the Plan:

Wear your workout.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  ShaToBu is a shapewear that incorporates resistance bands into the garments.  In turn, your muscles work harder to do your daily activities and you end up burning more calories.  Wear it all day long and you’re literally working out as much as you move. Prices range from $28-$88.

Run Errands in StepGym sneakers I know there are tons of similar shoes from better known brands (including Reebok, New Balance, Skechers, MBT and more), but these shoes claim to offer one function that no other shoe offers: The massage/acupuncture function in the soles of the shoes improve your metabolism with every step you take.  While not the most attractive looking shoes on the market, they do take care of business.  Prices range from $89- $109 (comes with 30-day money back guarantee).

Eat Naked.  I don’t encourage you to go to a restaurant or your workplace and strip naked while eating your breakfast or lunch, however, it’s fair game at home.  In a recent Women’s Health article, Sports Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model Marissa Miller revealed one of her diet tricks, eating naked.  The whole idea is that if you’re aware and conscious of your body, you’re not going to shove down a super-fattening meal.  You may opt for something lighter and healthier.  It makes total sense and doesn’t cost you a dime.

Sleep your weight off.  This is by far, the best part of the diet. With everything we do throughout the day (refer to the laundry list above), sleep is so essential.  For us, it’s really the only time we have for ourselves and now we can lose weight while doing it.  Just read this book The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan which gives you the tools to lose weight while sleeping (you also learn to break bad habits, stress and more).  Priced at $17.80 on Amazon.

So there it is, The Mommy Diet.  No hassles, no extra time–a no-fuss diet that’s really not a diet.  Live your life and be healthier.  Start 2012 with a bang!

What do you think of my weight loss plan?  Anyone interested in testing it out with me?

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  1. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    I liked the work out shoes. Not a fan of Sketchers, so StepGym sneakers look interesting. Yes, I remember the sleep-deprivation period. Been there, done that with my son.

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