What Moms really want this Mother’s Day


Last night we had a hoppin’ Twitter party to celebrate all our awesome Moms in the #SavingsMom hash tag. I had the exciting job of handing out the prizes – man it’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it, right? ;) But the most exciting thing for me? See what all of you Moms out there want for Mother’s Day, or seeing what you plan to do to honor the Mom in your life!

1. Mom wants you to get a deal. 

Sure Moms want to be spoiled, and they want something nice, but they also want you to be frugal about it! Need some ideas? Check out these budget-friendly gift ideas
2. Mam wants you to think of her.

Don’t just go get anything that pops into your head. Put some thought into what you are getting. Do you have a fashionista Mom or an Earthy Mom? Cater what you get to what she likes. Check out these videos and pins on Pinterest from Valpak.com for some good inspiration. 

3. Madre definitely wants some flowers!

Unless of course you have the rare Mom that is allergic or just plain hates flowers, most Moms would appreciate some beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day! Check out these tips for how to save on Mother’s Day flowers

4. She wants to go out to eat.

She doesn’t want to cook, clean…she just wants to go to her favorite restaurant! And you can still save some money with these Restaurant and Gift Card Bonus Deals. And if you can’t find enough deals, check out these Restaurant Deals for Mother’s Day 2013

5. Mama seriously just wants a break!

Give Mom the day off for Mother’s Day. She wants to kick back, relax, and enjoy some time where she doesn’t have to cook or clean. And if you really want to live a little, give her the entire weekend off, not just Mother’s Day!

6. Ma really wants some pampering! 

If you can afford it or find a good Groupon deal, get her a day at the spa. Or for the budget conscious, shoot for a mani/pedi combo at the local salon. And if the budget is even more tight than that, make her a homemade sugar scrub for Mother’s Day

Looking for even more ideas for Mother’s Day? Check out our free PDF download of the Mother’s Day Twitter Party. And Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

(Source: Savings.com)

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  1. Mary.Hoover

    1 year ago

    All great ideas! Thanks!

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