What Pet Toys Would Snoopy Enjoy?


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Snoopy does not believe he is a dog. In his world, he is a World War I Flying Ace. An ice skater. A tennis player. An attorney who dresses in a bow tie. A baseball player. Mr. Joe Cool as it were. He loves pizza and root beer. He frequently kisses Lucy Van Pelt on the lips. Face it, Snoopy is the most eccentric dog you will ever come across.

So then, what type of pet toys would Snoopy enjoy from Petco?

  1. Sherpa Go Dog Plush Dragon. Dragons are not real, but they probably would be in Snoopy’s world. This dragon toy has two cute floppy wings plus a squeaker inside. This plush dragon might suit well as Snoopy’s snuggle buddy at night. Aw!
  2. Air KONG Squeaker Football. Snoopy is not the type of dog that would chase after tennis balls like other dogs. He might however enjoy a football made out of the same material as a tennis ball. Would he chase it? Naw! He probably would kick the Kong in front of Charlie Brown just to hear him say, “Good Grief!”
  3. Booda Bellies Giraffe. This toy has the same colors as a giraffe. Has a long neck like a giraffe. Even squeaks. Snoopy might dress up as an adventurer and take the giraffe on safari with him.
  4. Harley-Davidson Vinyl Motorcycle. Seriously, Snoopy would dig owning his very own Harley. Enough said!
  5. Laser Chaser with Mini Carabiner. Snoopy would never chase after a laser. However, he might enjoy teasing the cat next door crazy with the laser, for sure!
  6. Nylabone Bar-B-Chew Rib Rack Chew Toy. It is not pizza. Still it tastes like food. Snoopy loves food. This toy will cleanse his teeth and massage his gums. Another cool feature is that it also glows in the dark.
  7. PETCO Giant Berber Soccer Ball. Snoopy loves sports. He might just try soccer with this soft squeaker toy. Constructed of non-toxic materials, which is a plus.
  8. PETCO Jungle Safari. Speaking of safari earlier…it is easy to imagine to create the illusion of a jungle Snoopy would need more than a giraffe. With this batch, you get three small jungle squeaky jungle animals.
  9. PETCO Vinyl & Sherpa Slipper. Snoopy might like a pair of these. Not to play with. To wear on his paws, of course. The slippers squeak, which is an added bonus.
  10. PETCO Squeaky Vinyl BBQ. Chicken leg, hamburger, steak and a hotdog. The way to Snoopy’s heart is through his stomach.

What pet toys do you think Snoopy might enjoy?

Charli “Chuck” Gulley is a screenwriter, filmmaker and freelance writer who lives in Southern California. Quite the tomboy, she enjoys Rugby, Fencing and touch football. She’s an alumnus of the prestigious screenwriter’s workshop, “Writers Bootcamp.” Her passion is Hollywood, anything and everything to do with filmmaking. If you don’t find her on set, you can find her at the arcade playing air hockey and eating pizza.

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  1. SavingsIQ

    3 years ago

    a helicopter so he can fly around in it.

  2. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    My word that’s brilliant!!!

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