What to do and give on Valentine’s Day


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We’re one day away from Valentine’s Day! Did you make your dinner reservations or are you staying in for some wine and a movie? Whatever your plans may be, it comes down to spending quality time with the ones that you love.

My husband and I tend to keep it very simple. Having recently bought a new home, we are not in any position to be spending mucho dinero. So the last few years and this year, we are keeping it to a minimum. He gets me flowers, I get him chocolates and we call it a night.

Since we don’t have a glamorous Valentine’s Day, I reached out to our network of DealPros to get some creative ideas and tips for you.

Express your feelings with the color of your rose. Do you love them or are you good friends? Make sure you give the right color of roses so no one is mislead. Mommy’s Wish List breaks down what each rose color means so you can express your feelings with them. You don’t have to be a couple or dating someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day. To those single ladies or single men out there, you too can have a fun day and save money doing it. Saving Dollars & Sense offers you 7 frugal ways to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, take advantage of the day to take care of yourself or have fun with your friends.  Why not? You can!

It’s possible to have Valentine’s Day on a budget. Yes, diamonds are exquisite, romantic vacations are wonderful for the mind and body and 8 course meals do wonders on your palate, but what everyone wants at the end of the day is to spend some quality time with the one that they love. Love doesn’t have a price tag and that’s the beauty of love. Spend Valentine’s Day on budget with these tips from Northern Cheapskate or get 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under $6 by Smart Spending Spot.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This is also true for women as I am married to a chef. How about some no-spread sugar cookies from Bargain Shopper Mom or red velvet crinkle cookies from Sisters Shopping on a Shoestring? Maybe a heart shaped fruit pizza from Thrifty Northwest Mom or even a homemade gummy heart from Saving Dollars & Sense.

Is your loved one on a diet? Bargain Shopper Mom also has a DIY Spa Sock Cupcake you can give as a cute gift. Clever.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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