Which Vogue Wigs Would Work for Lady Gaga’s Hair?


Lady Gaga photo by Domain Barnyard via Flickr

The world is gaga over Lady Gaga. Her outfits so outrageous during an award show that the costume itself deserves an award. You can catch a small glimpse of her face through the crazy mix of carnival masks she wears. And her hair, it’s so um…wait, has anyone seen her real hair? She wears wigs, lots of them.

Help her out, which wig do you think would look best on Lady Gaga from Vogue Wigs? Wig images courtesy of Vogue Wigs


Marie Antoinette

Lady Gaga could easily pull off this 17th century look, however probably with a little reality in the mix. The Queen of France was beheaded so it would not be difficult to assume Lady Gaga might add a little “red dye” to the wig for that extra “flare.”



Part of Lady Gaga’s current style reminiscent of the 1960s psychedelic colors, mismatched patterns and paisley prints. She could pull off a gigantic beehive wig that comes in a range of colors: red, orange, hot pink, blue, green, yellow, light pink, light blue and so on.

She’d probably look best in the light blue beehive. What do you think?


Pin-up Girl

Back in the day, if you were famous there were mass photos of you on posters, newspaper drawings, illustrations, etc. That personified you as the sexpot of that generation.

While Lady Gaga is more an enigma than a sex symbol, she could turn into pin-up girl with this wig–but she’d probably choose auburn. The other colors too plain for someone who screams for color in everything she wears.


Elvis Pompadour

Few women can pull of a man’s look. Even fewer could pull off the signature Elvis’s pompadour and make it fashionable. Lady Gaga could, you know she could. She’d probably wear the rhinestone jumpsuit, too.

Just a guess, though.


Cruella de Vil

A wig that is half-white and half-black. Statement is either you are trendy or undecided. For Lady Gaga it is all about bold statements. Not to say she’s a villainess in real life but she could definitely dress to look the part.

Then she would sing, “I was born this way.” Snap!

Which wig do you think would look best on Lady Gaga?

Charli “Chuck” Gulley is a screenwriter, filmmaker and freelance writer who lives in Southern California. Quite the tomboy, she enjoys Rugby, Fencing and touch football. She’s an alumnus of the prestigious screenwriter’s workshop, “Writers Bootcamp.” Her passion is Hollywood, anything and everything to do with filmmaking. If you don’t find her on set, you can find her at the arcade playing air hockey and eating pizza.

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  1. Cluelesshsopper

    3 years ago

    How about a “beatles” wig??

  2. AlisonGary

    3 years ago

    These wigs crack me up! She actually did wear an Elvis-like one in her most recent video when she dressed in drag!

  3. ChuckG

    3 years ago

    @Alison – I’ll have to check that video out cuz that’s just too funny for words.

  4. alisa.li

    4 weeks ago

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