Why Did I Buy This? with Grant Pardee: Drone Wars

Why Did I Buy This? with Grant Pardee: Drone Wars

Drunk dialing Amazon is a real problem. Sometimes you make purchases in the heat of the moment and then forget the transaction ever happened until the mail comes and you have a mysterious package waiting for you from Amazon that bears your name on it. Recently, I discovered that I had apparently purchased a consumer drone from Amazon. You can see my review below.



Hey My name is Grant and I bought a drone. Uh… for 80 bucks on Amazon. Here’s what it is: the Udi Rc Drone. Great name, excellent branding. I’m going to be reviewing this drone with the help of my buddy Jared and uh, so here we go.

JARED: I’m going to land it on the table.

GRANT: Okay So I’m going to try to give Jared a cupcake.You don’t think it will go higher than that? Jared:I don’t think so. Grant: It’s a pretty big cupcake though. Just a couple of alpha males ready to fly some drones.

JARED: Drones and some beers.

GRANT: Just hanging out.Just being a couple…yeah…just being a couple of Americans. I try not to…I’m only…I hope I can bring it back. Holy (bleep).

JARED: This is the risk you take.

GRANT: This is the…

JARED: Looks like its out of juice.

GRANT: Yeah. I think this is a recue mission. Okay, so I’m going to ask my neighbors if I can go look in their yard for the drone that I lost. Excuse me, I think I crashed my drone in your yard.

GRANT: I’m just reviewing some stuff for a website. I don’t know where it could have gone.
NEIGHBOR #2: Duhn, duhn, duhn, duhn….
GRANT: There it is, that’s it. Wouldn’t you know it, the lights are still on.
NEIGHBOR #2: It was flying around over here.The other way
GRANT: That was it.
NEIGHBOR #2: That was me yelling, uh…it’s better than the kids use to throw rocks into the backyard.He’s blind, so he might just step on it.
JARED: Look how close to the pool we are.
GRANT: I know.
NEIGHBOR #2: Uh, man. My husband is going to be totally upset about this. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
GRANT: So we got it back, pretty cool, now it’s your turn.
JARED: Sorry, sorry. Do we need to charge it?
Grant: Yeah, we got to charge it. It’s got a 15 minute…
GRANT: Okay, so that is all the battery life we had. It has like a 15 minute charge. It’s pretty durable with cheap plastic, it’s hard to control, but maybe a good way to meet your neighbors.
JARED: Brought us together with the community.
GRANT: And that’s really the overall goal of drones on the war of terror.
JARED: I feel like it’s bringing people together.
GRANT: It’s pretty solid.

Grant Pardee is a comedian originally from Ohio living in Los Angeles. He has performed at Bridgetown and SF Sketchfest, the Improv, Upright Citizens Brigade, and many other places, too. He contributes articles to VICE, and in 2013 the webseries he created, wrote and produced “Happy Place” was a finalist for the Comedy Central Short Pilot Competition at the New York Television Festival. Follow him on twitter @grantpa

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Grant Pardee is a writer and comedian in Los Angeles. He contributes to VICE and Funny Or Die.

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