Win Freebies For Your Next Vegas Trip With MyVegas

Win Freebies For Your Next Vegas Trip With MyVegas

MyVegas is an app available to download for your smartphone or play on Facebook. It boasts real Las Vegas prizes for players to cash-in on. When I first heard about this, I thought it was too good to be true, maybe even a scam. So, I tried it for myself. Here’s what I learned from a few hours play.

How to Play:

I started playing on Facebook and like every slot game I’ve ever played in Vegas, I had no idea what I was doing. I pretty much just kept clicking the ‘bet’ button, and kept receiving chips. After I got the hang of it a little bit more, I was able to do automatic spins and bet higher amounts of chips. Within the first half-hour I was at level 5.

Every time you go up a level you get more coins and betting chips. I eventually ran out of chips, and a screen popped up telling me I could buy more with my actual money. This is the part where the app can get scammy. Then again, pretty much every “free” game on Facebook and on smartphones tries to get you to buy more coins, lives, or something of the sort. That $1.99 seems harmless until you fast forward three months and realize you’ve spent nearly $50 on a pointless game. I’m not going to fall for this again. Curse you, Candy Crush!

Possible Prizes:

Instead of buying more betting chips I decided to wait two hours to collect the chips from the casinos I “unlocked” while playing: Circus Circus and Monte Carlo. While waiting, I looked at the rewards available. I currently had only 450 coins, and could get nothing. The rewards page lets you see the different rewards available from each hotel. Of course, the fancier hotels, such as Bellagio and Aria, require way more coins while the cheaper hotels such as Excalibur and Circus Circus require less coins, for similar rewards. I clicked on Excalibur to see what rewards I could get from them. The minimum number of coins I need to have in order to redeem a reward is 1,000. That’s basically a few days of play and can earn me 25% off a room, or for 1500 I can redeem a special room deal of “$25 weekday & $60 weekend”. However, if I make around 4,000-10,000 coins I can get buffet coupons. If I earn 25,000 coins, I get a free ticket to see Thunder From Down Under. Looks like I’m going to try and earn more coins.

Other rewards include free drinks at certain bars and restaurants, free rides on hotel roller-coasters, and even a “complimentary ice-cream topping”. The most expensive reward costs two-million coins for a VIP night at Beau Rivage. “You and three guests will be greeted and escorted by your own personal concierge to a VIP dinner in BR Prime or Jia where our chef will cook your dinner choice with wines paired by our Sommelier. Also, you will have a VIP table in Coast Nightclub or Eight75.” All that for only two-million coins! Honestly, this kind of prize would require years of playing and/or hundreds of dollars of actual spending money. Hey, but if you’re a dreamer I say go for it.

Redeeming Your Reward:
Once you claim a reward, you have 90 days to redeem it. Meaning, you have 90 days to get your butt to Vegas. The rewards page asks you to fill out your name, and email address. Then you click on a button that says you’ve read the terms and conditions (something we all totally do), and there you have it.

So, Worth it?
The game itself isn’t very exciting, but because it’s so mindless you can work on other things while playing. Especially if you use the auto-spin feature that basically plays the game for you for a minimum of 10 spins. However, new games get unlocked the more you play and some of those new games have mini-games inside them to earn more chips.

Overall, this MyVegas thing doesn’t seem to be a huge scam after-all. As long as you don’t spend your own money to play more, there’s really no harm in it. Of course, the real trick is playing long enough to earn some worth prizes. If you’ve planned a Vegas trip a few months from now, I recommend playing this game a little bit every day if only to get a free meal at a buffet. You wouldn’t be saving a ton of money, but you’d be saving something. However, if you don’t feel like all that effort is worth a free $15 or $20 meal then by all means forget I said anything and go on living your life without the MyVegas app.

Alison Stevenson is a comedian and writer. She frequently contributes to VICE, and Filmdrunk as well as perform stand up comedy. Follow her on Twitter: @JustAboutGlad


Alison Stevenson is a comedian and writer. She frequently contributes to VICE, and Filmdrunk as well as perform stand up comedy.

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