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Special Agent DiNozzo Watches the Top Grossing Movies of 2011

at 8:57AM Thursday January 5, 2012
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Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo likes to quote lines from movies. Tony is a true blue movie fan. You will find him at the cinema with a box of popcorn and nachos nestled in his seat. Oh, he won't have a date. You see, it's been a hard year for Tony in the romance department. But that won't keep him from the cinema.

If you missed 2011's highest grossing movies in the USA you can rent them through Netflix. Read More »

Father Time's Champagne Picks for Toasting New Year 2012

at 8:56AM Thursday December 29, 2011
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Father Time is ready to hand off the future to Baby 2012 New Year. Father Time exhausted by the world's events. Earthquake/Tsunami in Tokyo. Devastating tornadoes in the South. Death of a Terrorist. Death of an Inventor. It has been a trying year and Father Time is more than ready to offer a toast to bring in the New Year.

Food and Wine Magazine recommends these affordable champagnes and sparkling wines which you can find at Read More »

Cookie Monster and His Favorite Cookie Gifts

at 7:58AM Thursday December 22, 2011
under Stuff We Like

Cookie Monster loves cookies. All sizes, shapes and flavors. As long as they are cookies, he is monstrously happy! Cookie Monster will tell you that cookies are the universal favorite sugary treat. Gourmet gift baskets, cheese baskets, and fruit baskets are solid gift ideas, but you may not like everything in the basket. With cookies, you can select the perfect batch. Read More »

Buddy the Elf and the Top 5 Hot Holiday Toys for 2011

at 9:56AM Thursday December 15, 2011
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Buddy is an unusual elf at Santa's workshop. He's taller than most elves because, well he's not a real elf. He's human. When Buddy was a baby, he accidentally hitched a ride on Santa's sleigh one Christmas night. (Like, who wouldn't want to ride Santa's sleigh just once?)

Buddy was raised by an elf who taught him the most important skill an elf can learn--how to make toys! This year Buddy worked hard on making the Top 5 Hottest Christmas toys for kids. Read More »

What Holiday Movies Would Santa Netflix?

at 9:55AM Thursday December 8, 2011
under Stuff We Like

It's the holidays! Santa and his elves have been busy all year making toys for good girls and boys. Have you been naughty or nice? Santa knows (wink). The reindeer are excited. The elves are busy. Mrs. Claus however wants Santa to relax a little before his big day. She has rented the most popular Christmas movies from Netflix.

From classics to comedy to action--here is a list of Christmas movies that will get anyone in the mood for the holidays. Read More »

Gift Ideas for New Mothers Inspired by the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Movie

at 9:56AM Thursday December 1, 2011
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Bella Swan and Edward Cullen finally got married. The bittersweet human-vampire love affair now an eternal commitment, well, on Edward's part. He is immortal after all. Bella is human, mortal when she met Edward (if you want to know what happens to the couple, go see the movie, no spoilers here). To birth a human baby quite an undertaking, but birthing a half-vampire baby, well, that is just insane. Bella needs a break.

Here are some great gift ideas for new mothers. Read More »

Diamonds are a Desperate Housewives' Best Friend

at 8:56AM Thursday November 24, 2011
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The time has come to say goodbye to the "Desperate Housewives." Celebrate their final year of drama, murder and suspense for the crazy, dysfunctional and, at times, murderous suburban housewives of Wisteria Lane. What gift would be a proper send-off for these sexy, vulnerable, fierce and scandalous women?

Only one goodbye gift will do--diamonds. A good place to look for a beautiful diamond jewelry present under $200 would be Zales. Read More »

Once Upon a Time, There was a Woman Who Liked Leather Jackets

at 9:57AM Thursday November 17, 2011
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Once upon a time in the small town of Storybrooke, the daughter of Snow White drove around in a yellow beat-up Volkswagen Beetle. Wait what, put the brakes on here, rewind. What was that, Snow White's daughter? Yes, it is true. Emma Snow dragged into this twisted little town by Henry, the son she gave up for adoption. Whoa, Snow White had a grandson. Shut the front door! Take a breath, take a moment, you will catch up.

It gets better. Emma is Storybrooke's only chance to restore a happily-ever-after ending for all of the fairytale residents. If Emma battles the Evil Queen who placed the curse, then she will do it in style. Emma loves to wear leather jackets.
Read More »

Could P90X or TRX Turn You Into Captain America, First Avenger?

at 7:56AM Thursday November 10, 2011
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Steve Rogers was a scrawny, thin sickly man. He joined the military despite that, but was classified as unfit for duty. Steve's courage and resilience caught the eye of a scientist who recruited him to a secret experimental project. Steve entered a body chamber, and emerged as superhero Captain America. He experienced a rebirth into a chiseled, muscular and uber-athletic body. (If only such a chamber existed for the general population.)

Good news, if you want to achieve an athletic, toned body you can try a fitness-training course at home. Read More »

James Bond: 007 Has Run Out of Time

at 8:55AM Thursday November 3, 2011
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British secret service agent James Bond ran out of time--well, sort of...His wristwatch blew up. He may thank the Q Branch for the explosive properties inside the watch's mechanisms. That break-through-thick-walls bomb helped 007 slip out of a sticky situation. Bond's new assignment however requires him to blend with the general population.

Say goodbye to luxury watches styled by Cartier and say hello to trendy, affordable men's watches under $500. Read More »

Top Ten Netflix Horror Movie Picks by the Gruesome Foursome

at 8:56AM Thursday October 27, 2011
under Holidays

Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy and Werewolf are retired. No, seriously, quit their kill-innocent-people night jobs. They are tired of villagers with pitchforks chasing them out of town. Dracula dreads that next "stake-in-heart" near fatal incident. The Mummy and Frankenstein's feet ache from stomping about and Werewolf wants to chill…arrooo!

This Halloween the gruesome foursome will relax on a sofa, sit next to a warm fire (the Mummy, not so much) and drink blood or snack on flesh and watch the top ten most popular horror movies of all time courtesy of Netflix. Read More »

Halloween Candy Suggestions for Psycho Norman Bates

at 8:56AM Thursday October 20, 2011
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Image by willc2 via Flickr

Did you know that Norman Bates likes to snack on old fashioned Halloween candy corn? It is a small triangular cream flavored candy in tricolors of yellow, orange with white tip. Candy corn is an acquired taste, which suits Norman just fine. He snacks on it by the handful when he is nervous, which happens when he converses with hotel, victims (stay away from the shower!).

Norman might enjoy trendier Halloween treats from and save money by buying in bulk. Read More »