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Top ten gifts for kids: Holiday 2013

By DealPro
at 6:00AM Tuesday December 3, 2013
under Holidays

Technology takes over this season, with many of the hottest gifts for kids requiring batteries and/or a USB port. But, in the case of Big Hugs Elmo, some things never change...soft and cuddly always has a place under the tree.

1. Rainbow Loom Cra-Z-Loom Bracelet Maker The Shimmer & Sparkle Set comes with literally thousands of pieces for creating hours of fun. This is the craft trend that is sweeping the nation, says Senior Vice President of ToysRUs Lisa Harnish. $14.99+, for ages 6 and up. Read More »

5 things you should buy at CVS

By DealPro
at 6:00AM Friday September 13, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

I live in Dallas. And while everything here is not necessarily bigger than it is elsewhere (ok, maybe it is) one thing we have more of than you do is restaurants. There are more restaurants per person in Dallas than in any other city in the world. No kidding.

The other thing Dallas is known for? Shopping. We have a breadth and depth of shopping choices second to none. If you need something from the drug store for instance...there are most likely 23 CVS locations within a 5-mile radius of where you're standing right now.

I don't shop at drug stores for everything, because they're generally set up for convenience, not necessarily cost-savings. But, after years of comparing stores, products and prices, I've got a "Favorite Buys" list for almost every store in Dallas. Including the drug stores I frequent. Although it seems counter-intuitive, there are some things you just can't get a better deal on anywhere else.

Today I'll share the five things I always buy at CVS, and why. And by the way, to make the most of your money at CVS, you'll want to join their loyalty program by signing up for an ExtraCare Card. With this card, you'll get discounts, coupons, and even offers sent to your email. Combine these with either coupons from the Sunday paper or printable coupons, and CVS is practically paying you to take stuff home. Read More »

5 reasons why extreme couponing is wrong

By DealPro
at 6:00AM Thursday September 5, 2013
under Stuff We Like

They made it seem so easy on the TLC show Extreme Couponing. What you didn't see were stores bending over backwards to let those shoppers break all the store's couponing policies, just for the opportunity to be featured on the show.

Extreme anything is ridiculous, and sometimes even dangerous. The word "extreme" is now often used as a hyper-descriptor for anything seen as extra good, extra delicious, extra anything. Extreme Bacon Burgers. Extreme Weight Loss. Extreme Makeovers. Extremes can not possibly be good for you. And neither is Extreme Couponing. The show or the practice.

Everything in moderation, right? That includes using your resources wisely. Resources being both your money and your time. Here are five reasons why extreme couponing is wrong and you'll never see me doing it. Besides the fact that I can't push a full cart of groceries.

I'm a strategic shopper. Big difference. Read More »

5 must-have back-to-school books for kids ages 6-8

By DealPro
at 6:00AM Tuesday August 20, 2013
under DealPro Tips

The first thing, the last thing, and every thing in between that your child's teacher will tell you is READ TO YOUR KID. Reading to them or with them for 20 minutes a day will go a long way toward their successful in school, and in life. They are not kidding.

Here's how I look at it: Learn to read. Read a lot. Exercise imagination. Acquire big vocabulary and conceptual thinking skills. Ace SATs. Save your mother money because you got a college scholarship.

All that starts with reading.

I started reading to both of my boys when they were days old. And it hasn't stopped yet. Even though my oldest is 16, we just die laughing reading David Sedaris out loud together. And we still love to take turns passing around the original Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle to read aloud as well.

My youngest? At age 7 he's already developed quite the sense of humor. I've put together a list of books that he thinks are hilarious. And that's one key component to getting a kid to love reading...entertainment. When they're having fun doing something, they keep doing it. That includes reading. Read More »

7 things to buy for Christmas in July

By DealPro
at 10:30AM Friday July 26, 2013
under Money Saving Tips

I know. It's hard to get pumped about Christmas when it's 99 degrees outside. Santa's wearing his bermuda shorts, and Rudolph's nose is red from a sunburn and not from guiding a sleigh through the frozen tundra.

But, if you're thinking about Christmas in July, then you're thinking like a strategic shopper. We strategic shoppers have come to regard July as Black Friday, The Prequel. If you know what to look for, you can score quite a few bargains this summer. Check stuff off your family's Christmas list early. Really early. Like, sit-relaxed-by-the-pool-with-an-umbrella-drink-and-a-smug-smile early.

Seven Things to Buy for Christmas in July

1. Kid's Clothing. When you look around retailers right now, what do you see? Fall. They've already started giving prominent display space to jackets, coats, and the like. So look on the clearance racks for shorts, tanks, and t-shirts. At our house, shorts and a t-shirt qualifies as pajamas year-round, so now is when I put together a few "Christmas Pajamas" in my kids' favorite colors, characters, or styles from the July clearance racks.

Deal: Children's Place coupon for 20% off your entire order. Expires 9/9/2013. Read More »

Teaching your teenager a lesson on economics: $2 an hour jobs

By DealPro
at 6:00AM Sunday February 24, 2013
under DealPro Tips

Last year, I felt like a princess over Spring Break. I did no laundry, no dishes. Didn't take out the trash.

Didn't get a concussion playing "Bowling Ball Tennis" or a black eye playing "Whack a Stack" (don't ask) with my 6-yr-old bundle of boundless energy.

Never swept the sidewalk, or raked the leaves. Never even picked up one single HotWheels car or Happy Meal toy from the living room floor.

In fact, I had time to go out for sushi not once, but twice...and I actually painted my toenails. I might have even *gasp* taken a nap.

How did I accomplish this magnificent feat?

Or am I a big ol' liar living in total chaos?

Nope. I finally got to the core of my teenager's being. His raison d'etre. His motivation. It's not Guitar Hero as I suspected. It's COLD HARD CASH. Read More »

Why you should join the YMCA: Cheap babysitting

By DealPro
at 7:00AM Friday January 18, 2013
under DealPro Tips

If you know me well, you will know that the very last thing I am apt to say is "Work out! Feel great! Build some muscles! Take yoga!" Pffft.

I for one, will certainly never be paying someone to help me sweat on purpose.

But, I have discovered an off-label use for the YMCA: cheap babysitting.

And tiny-budding-handball-player asks for it.

"Mommy, I wanna go to da Y. I wanna play with da balls." With our family membership to the YMCA, we get 2 free hours of childcare, while we're on-site, every day including Saturday. Read More »