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This St. Patrick's Day, don't lose your green to SUI

at 6:00AM Saturday March 15, 2014
under Stuff We Like

On St. Patrick's Day, revelers will take to neighborhood parades, pubs, and house parties to raise a few glasses with family and friends. But don't toast just yet- for thousands of people, waking up on March 18th will bring with it the realization that their financial standing is toast. The culprit? Shopping Under The Influence. 

Most people will commit Shopping Under The Influence, or SUI, at some point in their lives. Simply put, SUI occurs when purchasing anything under the influence of mind-altering chemicals---a situation that occurs far more frequently than you might realize in our constantly connected world. Have you ever booked a flight online over morning coffee, or bought shoes on your iPad while cradling a glass of wine? Ever bought an app on your phone when your house has a carbon monoxide leak? Then you've shopped under the influence.
Read More » Announces $125 Ad Buy During Puppy Bowl X

at 8:13PM Tuesday January 28, 2014
under Newsworthy

LOS ANGELES - Refusing to be priced out of the year's biggest day of television watching, Los Angeles-based coupon and deal site announced today that they will spend upwards of $125 advertising their Twitter feed during Puppy Bowl X, the counter-programming phenomenon running concurrent to Sunday's Super Bowl.

"We're in the game!" exulted Seth Barnes who works in marketing for "Granted it's the day's second biggest event and we'll be advertising on the proverbial second screen, but doggone it we're ready to play ball!"
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10 items men cannot be trusted to buy at the grocery store

at 6:00AM Friday January 24, 2014
under Shop Smarter

The modern grocery store is a hive of commerce, a 24/7 Superstore selling everything imaginable with almost limitless selection across product categories. Need aluminum foil? Prepare to sort through a spectrum of options starting with the store brand and ending with a technological wonder that could serve as a heat shield for a spacecraft reentering Earth's atmosphere. In short, the grocery store is the last place you should send the average American male, provided you actually want the items on his list.

Calling out gender differences certainly isn't in vogue these days, and as a Dad and husband, I'm hesitant to criticize my own species. But this missive is a cry for help. Based on personal experience, I know no matter how hard I try, I cannot be trusted to accurately buy the items below, most likely due to an evolutionary quirk among my ancestors that makes me blind to the difference between tins of anchovies and sardines displayed in close proximity to each other.

By admitting defeat and articulating the shame I feel about being so massively distracted while food shopping, I'm hoping we can take the first step towards creating a different world for my son to grow up in. A world where he doesn't have a panic attack standing in front of a towering shelf of pickle spears. Please have compassion for us. For we are just men.
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Pardon Me, Let's Put A Turkey Into Outer Space

at 6:13AM Tuesday November 5, 2013
under Holidays

An Open Letter To The Aerospace Community:

I am writing on behalf of, a coupon and deal website that helps people save money at thousands of retailers. In these economic times, while we're focused more than ever on helping consumers save at their favorite stores, it's come to our attention that another American institution may need saving: the Thanksgiving turkey pardoned each year by the President of The United States.
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Eight months before Black Friday, Couple is first in line

at 12:01AM Monday April 1, 2013
under Newsworthy

LOS ANGELES - Citing an unquenchable desire to get the best holiday deals, Los Angeles couple Finn and Laurie Thompson secured the first spot in line for Black Friday at an area Best Buy. Despite the fact that the annual day of discounting is nearly eight months away, the Thompsons were inspired by "HolidApril," a concept put forth by coupon site suggesting that the 2013 holiday shopping season should and would start immediately after Easter.

The Thompsons exuded messianic certainty that living outside a big box store in a tent was the only reliable way to secure access to the best deals. "When I'm on my deathbed and somebody asks 'Did you do everything in your power to get 80% off a 56' Panasonic TC-PVT50 HD 1080p UberPlasma TV' I want to the answer to be yes," stammered an emotional Finn Thompson. "Plus last year I tore my ACL rib-kicking the gentleman in front of me when the doors opened, and our health insurance doesn't cover injuries to the extremities." Read More »

Introducing HolidApril: Get a jump on your holiday shopping!

at 12:01AM Monday April 1, 2013
under InfographicsStaff

April is the cruelest month. But there's no reason it can't be the jolliest! One consistent piece of feedback we've been gotten from our audience is that the holiday shopping season is WAY too short. Why confine such a festive and relaxing occasion to just one month a year? Our Savings Scientists looked into the matter and the bubbling solution they concocted in our state-of-the-art Deal Lab is finally ready for public consumption. We're proud to present HolidApril!

So get your bells on, spike up a big batch of eggnog, unsheathe your credit card, and get ready to sing some Fa La Las. Because we're going to teach you about the 268 days of Christmas. You're welcome. Read More »

Leaked Early HP Black Friday Deals

at 1:43PM Friday November 20, 2009
under Spotlight Deals

Exclusive Preview of HP Thanksgiving Savings Event - Begins 11/22!

It used to be that you had to wait until Black Friday to find out what all the Black Friday deals were gonna be.  But with all of November becoming the new Black Friday, deals are happening earlier and more frequently or are being leaked to ramped up anticipation.

At, we're getting our ducks in a row for next Friday as well as the following Cyber Monday and we're starting things off with a little leak of our own: Read More »