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Food Co-Ops, Celebrities, and You

at 1:45PM Monday February 20, 2012
under Newsworthy

If you've ever read pointless celebrity gossip-- and why wouldn't you?-- you probably have heard the name "Park Slope Food Co-op" a few times. Most recently, Maggie Gyllenhaal was accused of shirking her co-op duties in favor of sending someone else to cover shifts. Before that, a Ryan Gosling fan started the silly, single-serving blog entitled, Hey Girl, I Belong to the Park Slope Food Co-op. The name is everywhere. Read More »

The Worst Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas

at 9:15AM Thursday February 9, 2012
under Holidays

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, which of course means that blogs must fill their quotas of Valentine's Day posts. There's nothing wrong with that. It also means that money-saving blogs must get their yearly Valentine's Day money-saving ideas out of the way. The problem is that the basics of how to have a frugal Valentine's Day aren't terribly mysterious. And, in the never-ending quest to produce original content, some otherwise good blogs wind up posting some bad tips. Read More »

No Hybrid? No Problem! Cost-Effective Ways to Save on Gas

at 9:01AM Thursday February 2, 2012
under Newsworthy

Rising oil prices are great news if you're Exxon Mobil, but not so much for the rest of us. And, while those of us who drive regularly were hoping that the cost of hybrid cars would drop, it instead looks like car manufacturers are moving away from hybrid cars altogether. What's a cost-conscious commuter to do? Read More »

Why JCPenny's New Pricing Policy May Not Be As Great As It Seems

at 4:15PM Thursday January 26, 2012
under Newsworthy

After JCPenny announced its new pricing scheme, many financial sites portrayed the new policy as manna from heaven. If you judged by the headlines alone, you'd think that JCPenny was now selling everything for 40% less than suggested retail, no questions asked.

Photo courtesy of Mike Kalasnik, via Flickr.

As is often the case, the reality is more complex. Read on to find out what the new policy means, and what it means for you.

Let's start with what the policy isn't. Despite some of the reports you may have read, JCPenny is not doing away with all sales. Instead, JCPenny is lowering the prices for all of its merchandise an average of 40%. They are also doing away with most sales, not all. There will still be weekly and monthly discounts on certain items, and these will be designated by special tags. Read More »

The Case for Refurbs

at 7:55AM Thursday January 12, 2012
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of laffy4k, via Flickr

There's nothing like a gross-out news story to offer a little perspective. Last week, I might've complained that shipping was taking longer than expected. Now, I'm just glad that my gadgets don't arrive covered in gum and vomit.

As The Consumerist reports, this was the sight that greeted a Dell Outlet customer when his refurbished laptop arrived with gum on the inside and a barf-like substance on the outside. What's worse, Dell initially blamed FedEx.

Thankfully, the problem seems to be mostly sorted out, and the man will soon have a shiny, new, non-waste-covered laptop on the way. And, thankfully, the vast majority of refurbished laptops don't have this problem, or any problems, really. We should be careful not to take the wrong lesson from this. Refurbs are still a smart choice. Read on to learn why. Read More »

A Guide to the Ever-Shrinking Public Domain

at 7:56AM Thursday January 5, 2012
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Roger Price, via Flickr

Every year, Duke University's Center for the Study of the Public Domain celebrates "Public Domain Day." This is the day-- January 1st, to be precise-- when works officially pass into the public domain. This means that old movies, books, TV shows, cartoon characters, and other works of art will officially become free to download, watch, share, alter, distribute, and otherwise enjoy.
Read More »

Ignore Manufacturers' Instructions and Get Away With It

at 9:55AM Thursday December 29, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Mike Kalasnik, via Flickr

If you're like me, you change your car's motor oil religiously. The "Every Three Thousand Miles or Every Three Months (Whichever Comes First)" standard might as well have been carved into slabs and hand-delivered by Moses.

And, if you're like me, you've been doing it wrong this whole time. Read More »

Tips for Avoiding and Deterring Theft

at 8:58AM Thursday December 22, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of I Bike Fresno, via Flickr

Earlier in the month, a carjacking in Florida was averted when the would-be thieves did not know how to drive stick. They fled the scene on foot. Meanwhile, in Manhattan, two robbers let their would-be victim keep her phone when they discovered that it wasn't an iPhone, only a lowly BlackBerry. Read More »

Gift Card Bonuses: Tips and Tricks

at 10:58AM Thursday December 15, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Design Packaging, via Flickr

Gift cards are more than just easy stocking stuffers and somewhat-unimaginative birthday presents. They're also a cash cow for retailers. With this incentive, more companies are offering bonuses for buying their gift cards instead of their competitors'.

Unfortunately, this tactic can backfire. Read More »

Breaking Down the Blowfish Pill: Save by Knowing Your Active Ingredients

at 8:56AM Thursday December 8, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Jamiesrabbits, via Flickr

Earlier in the week, the blogosphere went nuts over Blowfish, the first ever FDA-approved hangover cure. Just drop a couple of these tablets in a glass of water, let it fizz like Alka-Seltzer, and soon your headache, nausea and profound self-loathing will be nothing more than a memory. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street Provides Showcase for the Best Free Citizen Journalism Tools

at 10:58AM Thursday December 1, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Alex Buhrmann, via Flickr

Regardless how you feel about the Occupy movement, this week's raid on the Occupy L.A. encampment was remarkable for at least one reason: with the L.A.P.D's restriction on media coverage, the best news sources for updates on the standoff came from citizen journalists.  Read More »

Cash vs. Credit Cards and The Psychology of Saving Money

at 7:55AM Thursday November 24, 2011
under Newsworthy

Photo courtesy of Images of Money via Flickr

Earlier in the week, the Journal of Consumer Research released a study that showed consumers tend to spend more when buying with credit cards than they do when using cash. The authors of the study believe the reason goes beyond simple convenience, and hinges on psychology: apparently, we're more likely to focus on the benefits of the purchase, and not the cost, if we don't actually have to count out the money ourselves. Read More »