Office Dogs

Ryno – Chief Chihuahua

RynoRyno has served as Chief Chihuahua for since 2008. In this role, he is responsible for security and safety at the company’s World Headquarters. Ryno screens incoming visitors, vendors, and delivery personnel. He developed a proprietary screening system known as the Visitor Interrogation Process (VIP). Leveraging his natural aversion to strangers, Ryno accosts every guest with a shrieking bark that belies his diminutive frame. Since the implementation of VIP, not a single unauthorized visitor has gained access to the office. Ryno lives in Venice and his favorite hobby is to stroll the boardwalk, marking his territory as he goes. Despite what you may have heard, Ryno has never been convicted of excessive force in a court of law.

Auggie The Doggie – Senior Director of Lounging Around

AuggieAuggie The Doggie joined the Office Dog team in January 2013 to head up the Lounging Around department. As Senior Director of Lounging Around, Auggie is tasked with creating a relaxed atmosphere at, which he achieves through stretching out his gargantuan, furry body wherever he pleases. A veteran of the Los Angeles tech scene, Auggie has been taking it easy for Internet companies for over 35 dog years. In his first three months at, Auggie spent an incredible 85% of his time napping, and was once petted continually for three hours by an enthralled co-worker. In his spare time, Auggie enjoys eating salmon skin hot off the grill. He holds a Certificate of Obedience from the Santa Monica Department of Parks and Recreation.

Pakalolo – CTO (Chief Treat Officer)

PakaloloNothing is more important to Office Dogs than an ample supply of treats, a responsbility Pakalolo takes very seriously. As CTO, Pakalolo ensures that the Office Humans stock their desks with kibble, salmon chews, and milled chicken bits by poking her snout into everyone’s workspace and panting heavily. Pakalolo’s main innovation in her time at Savings has been her pursuit of New Treat Initiatives, expanding the concept of treats to include human foods. Her watershed moment came in 2011 when, after transfixing a marketing intern with her puppy dog eyes, she was given a club sandwich, side of fries, and 20-oz Diet Coke. In her spare time, Pakalolo likes to get her beauty rest and hack tennis balls into tiny bits. She received her Obedience Certificate from Petco University, “the Harvard of obedience schools.”

Pistachio – C.H.O. (Chief Howling Officer)

PistachioPistachio serves as’s Chief Howling Officer. Hired in 2012, Pistachio is in charge of howling when she sees something exciting, or when humans are boring her. This helps keep the office fun, engaging, and extremely loud. In her spare time, Pistachio can be found eating ice cubes, running really fast, and playing tug-of-war with her raccoon toy. Pistachio holds a Certificate of Obedience from the prestigious Pawsitive Perspective Animal Training, where she mastered “sit” and “stay.” She plans to eventually go back to school to study the art of not jumping.

Wizard – VP of Shoe Untying

WizardWizard the long-haired Dachshund loves chewing everything and everything with his sharp puppy teeth. His main job at is untying his human coworkers’ shoes. This keeps them on their toes, forcing them to come up with new and innovative shoe solutions. Wizard shares with Pistachio a love of burrowing under blankets, and he loves to cuddle with soft toys. Wizard’s impressive skillset includes sitting, staying, high-fiving, and rolling over. He keeps the office safe by warning the humans when there’s a brown paper bag- his mortal enemy- nearby.

Lola – Fashion Advisor

LolaLola, our resident Fashion Advisor, has overcome much adversity in her 35 dog years. She’s had multiple back surgeries, which she found unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as getting her nails clipped. Lola keeps the employees on the cutting edge of fashion by letting them know which of their outfits she likes better than others. She communicates this information through a complicated system of licks and barks. In her spare time, Lola loves shopping for new clothes and collars, and taking the squeaker out of all her squeaky toys. She will not step in puddles, so don’t ask.

Rubia – Scruffiness Department Director

RubiaRubia, a new addition to the team, is our Scruffiness Department Director. To ensure that scruffiness is always  at optimum levels, she is committed to rubbing against any available leg at any time- in fact, it’s in her contract. Rubia graduated Magna Cute Laude from San Bernardino Animal Shelter, with special distinction in Rolling in the Grass. (She did, however, fail Bathtime 101.) Ambitious from the start, Rubia is perpetually determined to play with the big dogs in the office, with mixed results. In her free time, Rubia is a gardener, and is especially good at digging holes and eating tomatoes off the vine.