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Free Shipping on Orders $50 or More

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Save 10-90% on Used Textbooks

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Sell Your Textbooks for Cash

Follow this link and earn cash on all accepted books sold.

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Sell Your Used Textbooks Online

It’s a sore subject for parents and students alike – how to pay less for college textbooks. With tuition and room and board consuming the lion’s share of your money, buying books and supplies follows closely as being the next biggest expense that impacts your budget. So, how can returning students, or any student for that matter, lessen the cost of books to make it more manageable? Sell your textbooks online after you’ve completed the course, or shortly before you return for the next semester. You’ll be paid for gently used books, thus lessening the overall price of how much the text actually cost. Websites such as Chegg, Amazon and allow you to enter the ISBN number online to see how much money they’ll pay for each particular publication. Sometimes you’ll even find a coupon code that will increase the amount you’ll receive for selling your used textbook.

All textbooks are not created equal, and you’ll be paid based on demand. If it’s known that a book will be used on certain campuses next semester, you’ll be paid top dollar to sell it back – expect as much as 50% of the original cost back. For those books where it’s not definitively known if the text will be used in classes, you can expect to receive a few dollars for selling it. Either way, you’re lowering the price you’ve spent, or will spend, on books for college.

Let’s assume you bought a $60 book for one class, and the course is now complete and you’ve aced the final. Go online to the textbook buyback section of one of the websites we’ve mentioned, and enter the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to see how much your textbook is currently worth to them. If the demand for your textbook is unknown at the time, you might only receive $5 - $10 for selling it; but, you’ve still lowered the $60 cost you originally paid to $50 - $55. If the text will be used on campus next year, expect as much as 30% - 50% back for reselling it, making your overall cost for the book $30 - $42 – a substantial price reduction any college student or parent can appreciate.

Don’t put your college textbooks on a shelf to collect dust. Sell all textbooks you won’t be using in the future (that’s most of them!), and for returning students, roll that extra money into the cost of buying next semester’s books. This way, you’re keeping costs as low as possible, and when it’s time for graduation, the money you receive from selling your textbooks can be rolled into your bank account to pay for some new clothes for that great job you landed!

Save Money By Renting Your Textbooks

As a student, you know how expensive attending college can be. With tuition, lab fees, the cost of paying for a dorm room and meal plans, you often wonder how you can possibly afford textbooks too. You’re lucky if you’ll be able to find a used version of the textbook you need at the university’s book store, but even buying used books seems kind of pricey. Is there a way to save more? There surely is, and the concept is really starting to take off – rent your college textbooks. We look at why this is the smarter way to get the books you need for every course on your schedule this semester.

First, you’ll know exactly how much your books will cost you up front, and because you won’t need to re-sell it after the course is done, your out of pocket expenses will be clear even before classes begin. Just remember to return your rented textbooks so that you don’t have to buy the book or pay any penalties, allowing you to stick to your budget. You generally will not know whether you are renting a new book or a gently used book, but that shouldn’t really matter as book buyback programs have criteria as to what they will accept to re-sell, such as highlighting, and what they won’t, like writing notes in the margins or torn out pages.

Second, you’ll know precisely what to do with the books after the semester is done – return them! No more worrying about where to put all the books the college bookstore wouldn’t buy back. Just be sure to follow the guidelines on time limits for returning your textbooks. And, if you’ve rented a book but decide you really want to keep it when class is done, most textbook rental websites will let you buy it outright, so contact them to make arrangements.

Another reason renting textbooks has become so popular goes back to our first point where we mentioned that you won’t have to re-sell them after the class is finished. When you rent your textbooks, you don’t have to worry about trying to sell them after you’ve finished the semester. We’ve all been there, in line at the college bookstore waiting our turn, huge stack of heavy books in our arms. Then we get up to the counter, heaving the pile of six or seven textbooks in front of the clerk, watching hopefully as she sorts through the stack. Then the disappointment comes when the bookstore clerk tells us they’ll only buy back two of the textbooks, but the rest they’re not interested in, so you have to tote them all back home. Ugh.

Do the smart thing that CampusBooks say that 55% of all college students are doing these days, rent your college textbooks. Online businesses like Chegg and Amazon have textbook rental programs where you can often save even more on your rented books with a promo code. With the high cost of attending a university these days, every bit you save shows just how smart you are.

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