Michael Chin

Michael Chin

Writer & Editor

Michael Chin is a writer and editor at Savings.com. When he isn’t at his desk (which, let’s be honest, is not a lot of the time), you’ll catch him at a movie theater or reading the latest speculative fiction in a sitting position that is probably going to be horrible for his back later on. It surprises no one that Michael is an avid Dungeons & Dragons dungeon master, a position he uses to torture his good friends on a weekly basis.

A fiction writer by craft, he’s enjoyed positions at independent bookstores in New York City, including the Strand Book Store and Books Are Magic in Brooklyn, where he served as events director. As a bookseller, he learned everything he could about the vast and complicated world of rare and used books. As an event coordinator, he greeted literary luminaries from across the globe and loved hearing each of their perspectives.

His love affair with finding the best deals stretches back as far as he can remember — coming from a value-conscious family and then working as a bookseller for minimum wage can do that to a person, and has trained him to look at every purchase with a discerning eye.

Michael is finishing work on a novel, and after nearly a decade of living in New York City, is now back in sunny California.