Saniya More

Saniya More

Freelance Writer

Saniya More is a writer for Savvy. She received her master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and did her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University. Her work has been published in The Block, CBS News, Bangkok Post, and Byline Times, among other publications.

Saniya is a journalist on a mission to tell stories about underreported communities and issues. As a third-culture kid – born in Mumbai, raised in Bangkok – it has always been important for her to be a voice for those who aren’t in a position to share their story. You can view her work here.

When she’s not busy chasing a story, you will most likely find her tweeting nonsense, creating Spotify playlists for every occasion, organizing initiatives for Aboli Foundation, a non-profit she started with my sister, and playing with her seven-year-old beagle, Merlin (he’s on Instagram!). She also just started a monthly newsletter titled “Spinning Reality," where she writes about her lived experiences.

Growing up in Bangkok, Saniya would often go to her mother to local markets to buy artifacts, groceries, and other items. She’d admiringly watch her mother snag great deals, learning early that there is a respectful way to haggle and get the best price for whatever you’d like to buy. Since then, Saniya’s tried her best to find her own deals while shopping. It pains her to admit that she’s still not quite as good as her mother is at doing so.