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How to save money at Dell this Black Friday

Many smart shoppers adore Black Friday because it’s the best time to get some truly amazing discounts and deals. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States for a reason; you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars during Black Friday 2020, depending on what you’re looking for.

With Black Friday 2020 just around the corner, many shoppers are looking to plan out their Black Friday shopping. Because 2020 has been hard for many people, Black Friday is going to be a great time for a lot of individuals to gather Christmas presents and make important home purchases using Dell coupons at

The COVID-19 crisis has really impacted a lot of people, and Dell understands that fact. That’s why Dell has done its best to make it easier to shop despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s how Dell is stepping up to the plate.

  • Through at least the end of 2020, Dell is transitioning all of its events to digital-only. That way, the company can continue to host events for customers, shareholders and partners while still making sure everyone involved with the event is as safe as possible.

  • All physical Dell sites are undergoing plenty of sanitizing and general cleaning to maintain health and safety measures that make sense. Plus, in the initial COVID-19 crisis, Dell transitioned around 90% of its workforce to working from home.

  • Dell is a huge company, and it’s using that significant presence to really help people during COVID-19. That includes a lot of charitable work with other organizations all across the United States. You can learn more about Dell’s COVID-19 work through the company’s website.

The Black Friday experience is one many people love to delve into every year. If you’re a devoted Black Friday shopper, you might want to know how to maximize your Dell Black Friday experience. Here’s what you need to do for a better Black Friday 2020.

  • Dell might give permission to third-party retailers to offer Black Friday deals on Dell products. That means you may be able to find Dell products at a discounted rate not just at Dell directly, but also at licensed third-party retailers across the country.

  • Of course, computers are the product that many people have their eye on when they go to Dell. True to the company’s reputation, it will typically put its computers on deep discounts, which can mean you’ll be able to get one of the newer computer models at a great price.

  • Taking a look at the Dell Black Friday ad is one of the best ways to know what Dell is going to offer in terms of sales every year. Additionally, Dell tends to offer a Black Friday Sneak Peek you can use to get an even better understanding of what you’ll be able to get at Dell.

Sure, Dell is probably most well-known for its computers. That’s probably what you think of when you think about Dell. However, Dell offers more than just computers in its stores. Here are a few additional things you could save some money on this Black Friday.

  • Upgrading your network hardware is a great way to meet the demands of high-performance networking needs. Plus, because Dell has a lot of experience with businesses, there are many opportunities your company might be able to take advantage of throughout Black Friday.

  • Servers and storage are a crucial part of managing a company that runs heavily on the internet. Dell has a variety of servers to meet your needs. It even offers financing with low percentage rates and other deals that might get even better during Black Friday.

  • There are a number of printers you can buy from Dell. This includes both business laser printers and home-based inkjet printers, depending on your unique printing needs. Make sure you’re thinking about your variety of options during Black Friday and beyond to purchase the products you really need.

Black Friday 2020 is going to be a huge event for sure. Many people have tried to predict Black Friday 2020 deals with varying success. You can’t really know what Dell will offer this Black Friday until they release their ad, but you can get an idea of the types of deals they might run by looking at previous Black Friday sales.

  • In 2019, Dell ran a variety of doorbusters on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Some of these doorbusters ran for all of Thanksgiving and Black Friday, while some doorbusters had a specific time during which they started, then ran until all products were sold out. You may want to check for Dell doorbusters and deals starting on Thanksgiving, as Dell seems to do that very frequently.

  • In 2018, Dell put a lot of attention on time-sensitive doorbusters. Essentially, this means there were some doorbusters that got their start at specified times throughout the day. When the doorbusters started, you were able to take advantage of the sale until the product was sold out, which could be multiple hours or it could be as short as just a few minutes.

  • The 2017 Black Friday sale was more of a multi-day sale fest. Dell did offer a variety of great sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but it also included many great discounts and deals in the weeks leading up to Black Friday, starting as early as November 15, with a number of amazing deals available throughout.

Dell Black Friday FAQs

Is Dell going to offer Black Friday sales for businesses?

The Black Friday sales at Dell tend to be centered around products for home use, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick entirely to home use products when you shop Black Friday this year. Dell products can be for business as well, even if you’re shopping the home use section. Don’t be afraid to check for products your business might be able to use this year during the Black Friday sale.

Are there any in-person Dell stores to visit this Black Friday?

Dell doesn’t really have in-person stores that will be running Black Friday sales. If you’re looking for in-person Black Friday sales on Dell products, you might want to check Dell’s authorized third-party retailers, which include some companies that do have brick-and-mortar stores. These third-party retailers may be your best bet to find a great deal on Dell products.

Will Dell shipping times vary at all due to COVID-19?

There may be some shipping time variance with Dell products because of COVID-19. Because Dell wants to make sure its employees are healthy, it’s largely tried to reduce the number of people who are working at in-person locations. That means you might need to consider added processing and shipping times. Try to remain patient and check on the Dell website to see if there are any substantial processing and shipping delays occurring now.