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How to save money at Expedia this Cyber Monday

Expedia is one of the few travel giants to regularly offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings, and because of that its popularity has boomed. While the details for the Expedia Black Friday 2020 sale have yet to be released one thing is certain – you can expect big things headed your way if you’re flexible on your travel dates. Make sure you maximize your savings by checking for Expedia coupons before you check out, though!

Of course, thanks to COVID-19, this year’s Expedia sales could prove to be a little unusual. That’s hardly surprising, as the pandemic has made most things feel a little unusual. However, that’s not deterring Expedia, or intrepid bargain hunters, as interest is already ramping up and they have extensive advice and informational resources on their site for people who are looking forward to a vacation in spite of the pandemic.

Unlike many other retailers, Expedia is known for starting its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals early. In fact, deals often begin to appear before Thanksgiving, making them one of the first retailers to start offering savings. Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 Expedia Black Friday sale.

  • Deals start early and cover a range of products from hotels, package vacations, car rentals and cruises. If you want to get the best deals you should plan ahead and cross-reference.

  • Deals on cruises often include free onboard credit to spend on treats and experiences. Be sure to check what’s included before you book extras.

  • The best deals are reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so unless you see a deal you simply cannot pass up, it may be best to wait. You never know, something better might come up!

  • Average savings range from 30% all the way to 95%.

  • Some deals are restricted to off-season booking, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before you finalize anything!

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can often be stacked with other discounts, offers and coupons, so make sure you check all your options before you check out!

  • Some deals may include flight upgrades and extras. You can also generally find coupons and discount codes for things like lounge access and inflight meals.

  • You can expect to see savings of 25% or more on activities and excursions in and around your hotel!

These fantastic deals have made the Expedia Black Friday event utterly iconic, so get in early. If you wait too long you could find that your ideal dates have been fully booked. Thanks to the nature of the site, however, there are many different options available, in case you do find yourself missing out on your first choice!

Of course, thanks to COVID-19 and the patchwork of restrictions in place around the world right now, the deals offered in this Black Friday sale will require some extra research. As well as looking into the local weather conditions, activities and currency, you will need to check the following issues.

  • If the country in question is open to travelers from your region.

  • If the country in question is open to travelers at all.

  • Whether you will need specialized health insurance.

  • Whether you will need to quarantine upon arrival (and for how long).

  • Whether applications for a tourist visa will be delayed as a result of the pandemic.

Making these simple checks before you lock in your Black Friday 2020 deals will ensure your money is well spent. Of course, before you even begin looking at these things, you should think about what kind of vacation you would like.

Factors to consider when choosing your vacation include the weather, the available activities, the exchange rate, and travel options. After all, there’s no point in booking a remote mountain villa if you won’t be able to reach it when you land! You could also consider the Black Friday deals which were offered last year! These included:

  • $100 off of flights when booking through the app.

  • 75% off of selected hotels.

  • 25% off of selected activities.

  • $100 off of vacation packages of $750 or more.

  • 30% off of selected Norwegian Cruise Line vacations.

  • $500-$1000 in onboard credit for selected cruises.

Whatever you choose, however, it is important that you consider the COVID-19 guidelines, safety information, and preparation tips as well as the cancelation policy. Because Expedia is an intermediary site, there is little they can do to identify which safety measures each airline, cruise or hotel offers as such it is important that you check with the individual entities after booking.

Due to the unprecedented situation, certain protections are in place. As such, if your flights, hotel, cruise, or activities are cancelled by the provider due to safety requirements or local regulatory requirements you will be entitled to either a refund, credit or rebooking. Likewise, if you need to cancel your trip as a result of health concerns you will retain these options unless this is explicitly excluded in the terms and conditions.

If you want to ensure maximum savings and protect yourself from unexpected occurrences be sure to pay for flexible bookings. Alternatively you can make use of the “no change fees" filter when searching for your perfect Black Friday vacation deal! This simple action could save you money COVID-19 disrupts your vacation plans without warning.

Expedia Cyber Monday FAQs

When can I start seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deals on Expedia?

Expedia generally begins to promote its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals the week before Thanksgiving. Check the site at regular intervals and cross reference before you finalize anything.

Can I use vouchers and coupons with Expedia Black Friday or Cyber Monday Deals?

Yes! Many of these deals are stackable with coupons, vouchers and discount codes. Check Savings.com to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal!

What should I do if I or family members display COVID-19 symptoms close to our travel dates?

Ideally you should get everyone travelling in your party tested. If the results are positive you should contact your airline, hotel and excursion providers to inform them that you will not be able to attend. They may offer rebooking, a refund or credit.

What do I do if my airline/hotel cancels my booking as a result of COVID-19?

Contact them directly to find out whether they will be offering refunds, credit or rebooking.

When will I get my refunds?

Due to high volumes of refund requests being filed at the moment, there can be slight delays. Nonetheless, the general timescales for refunds are as follows:

  • Hotels, rental cars and activities: up to 30 days

  • Flights: up to eight weeks (some airlines take longer, so you should ask your airline directly).

*Package vacations: 30 days to eight weeks, depending on the flight provider and hotel.