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10% Off

Extra 10% Off Select Gaming Laptops and Desktop Orders Over $1,399

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra 10% discount on select gaming laptops and desktop orders over $1,399.

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Extra 5% Off Select Gaming Laptops and Desktop Orders Over $999

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra 5% discount on select gaming laptops and desktop orders over $999.

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10% Off

Extra 10% Off Select Configurable Business Notebooks and Workstations

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra 10% discount on select configurable business notebooks and workstations.

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15% Off

Extra 15% Off Business Desktops and Workstations

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra 15% discount on business desktops and workstations.

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42% Off

Up to 42% Off Ready to Ship Laptops

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Up to 50% Off PCs With Intel Processors

Click through and get up to 50% discount on PCs with Intel processors.

20% Off

Extra 20% Off Select McAfee Security Software

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra 20% discount on select McAfee security software.

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$15 Off

Extra $15 Off Select Monitors

Enter this coupon code at checkout and get an extra $15 discount on select monitors.

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30% Off

Up to 30% Off Select High Performing Desktops

Click through and get up to 30% discount on select high performing desktops.

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Free Shipping on All Orders

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How to save money at HP.com this Black Friday

Black Friday 2020 will be a great time to get amazing deals on all sorts of products, and HP is no different. When you want a great deal, there are a couple of holidays you might look toward. Christmas and Back-to-School sales are all well and good, but the best sales of the year are always going to happen on Black Friday. Don’t forget to check back with Savings.com for HP.com coupon codes throughout the year.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on all companies, including HP, the company’s unique position as a largely online retailer has made it less of an impact than it could have been. If you’re worried about COVID-19, you should know that HP has done everything possible to help customers and workers.

  • Because HP is still mostly online, you can still purchase HP printers, products and accessories without having to worry about COVID-19. If you’d like, you can also purchase these products at a local reseller.

  • Are you looking for a way to help with COVID-19? HP is offering free source materials for Face Shield and Photo ID products for a 3D printer. You can download these source materials directly from the HP website to make it easier for you to start using them.

  • HP’s Integrated Financial Solutions group is making it easier to continue payments on large purchases even through the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve been struggling with payments now or in the recent past, you may be able to rely on some of the things HP is making more publicly available, which can help you with temporary cash flow problems you weren’t expecting.

When you want to know more about your 2020 Black Friday opportunities, look no further than Savings.com, which will give you plenty of information about your Black Friday options for HP and a variety of other companies in 2020.

  • There is a wide variety of Black Friday sales you might find at HP. These sales may vary depending on the year and exactly what you’re interested in purchasing. However, for the most part, HP Black Friday sales will be for individual items, which means you can save a significant percentage on unique products.

  • Do you want to see whether there are other HP Black Friday deals you might be able to take advantage of? The good news with this is that there are thousands of authorized HP resellers all across the country. Their Black Friday deals may be a great way to make your HP purchases even more affordable.

  • HP has specific products that it releases on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a great deal on something that HP has just recently released, it might be worth it to wait for Black Friday. It’s common for HP to run sales on most of its products during Black Friday, including new products.

When you think of HP, chances are that you think of computers and printers. Of course, this is the main part of the draw of HP for many people, but it’s certainly not the only draw. If you’re looking for other ways you can save money during this Black Friday, consider these great options.

  • HP offers ink and toner options, which are both crucial if you want your printer to print well. Sometimes, HP’s Black Friday sale will go over both printers and ink. If that’s the case, you may want to stock up a bit on the ink and toner. That way, you can pull from your Black Friday stash all year long.

  • HP now has a VR headset, which it calls the HP Omnicept. The Omnicept is a hardware and software experience that’s actually geared mostly toward VR developers. With the Omnicept, it’s easier to understand more about how users actually interact with your products, which is crucial if you want to make them even better.

  • Businesses can also take advantage of the HP Black Friday sale. If you’re a business looking for a better way to save money during Black Friday, you might want to get some HP for Business upgrades during the Black Friday deals. You never know what you’ll end up experiencing during Black Friday.

How can you know what HP will do for this Black Friday? The best way to stay up to date is to check Savings.com for Black Friday sales, discounts and coupon codes. However, you can also look into the past to see what HP has done for previous Black Fridays.

  • In 2019, HP offered “Lightning Deals," where it launched a very limited number of products at great prices at a pre-defined time every few hours. Because it typically drops its Black Friday ad around the beginning of November, this gives you plenty of time to look through the ad, figure out what you want, and structure your time around it.

  • In 2018, there were largely specific discounts on individual laptops. You could have saved hundreds of dollars on some of the more high-end laptops and PCs, with some of these products available at ultra-low prices for only a few hundred customers who first made their purchases on the HP website.

  • The Black Friday 2017 sale was very similar to the Black Friday 2018 sale, with specific discounts on individual laptops. However, HP also offered headsets and speakers up to 50% off and certain gaming accessories 20% off sitewide. It was a great way to gather some additional accessories.

HP.com Black Friday FAQs

Does HP discount its products at other retailers for Black Friday?

It’s fairly common for HP to allow other retailers to discount its products during Black Friday. That means it’s totally possible for you to get a Black Friday discount on HP products that you don’t purchase directly from HP. Make sure you look at the list of authorized retailers so you can make sure you’re getting a genuine HP product rather than an unauthorized knockoff.

Do previous HP sales have an impact on future HP Black Friday sales?

Previous HP sales can help you get an idea of what future HP sales may look like. That’s why it’s such a good idea to look at HP Black Friday sales from previous years. If you’re thinking about shopping the HP Black Friday sale this year, make sure you take a look at prior Black Friday sales. That way, you’ll know whether anything HP is going to discount might be something that you might want to take a look at this year.

What is HP doing to help people during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of people together, including many different companies. HP is no different. For example, if you’re making payments on a large HP purchase and you’ve lost income due to COVID-19, consider talking to the Integrated Financial Solutions group to learn more about how you can change up some of your payment options throughout COVID-19.