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How to save money at Kendra Scott this Mother's Day

Kendra Scott has long striven to craft jewelry collections that embody its company values: family, fashion and philanthropy. On Mother’s Day 2021, you’ll have the opportunity to browse quality gems and styles of necklaces, earrings and bracelets designed to let your mom know just how much you care. Each design is not only meant to bring cheer to your mom’s heart but also to remain within a reasonable budget. If you’re looking to save money while making your mom smile, you can explore the Kendra Scott 2021 Mother’s Day collection.

As you begin shopping for gifts for your mom in the pre-Mother’s Day rush, you may be at a loss for where to begin. Luckily, Kendra Scott helps inexperienced shoppers—or even shoppers who aren’t sure where to begin—find their groove as they make their way through the company’s vast catalog. Shoppers can make their way through top sellers and into Kendra Scott’s Mother’s Day 2021 collection to find the necklace, bracelet or earrings that suit your mother best.

*If you want to start with some of the best of the best available from Kendra Scott, there’s no better category to begin with than the jeweler’s top-selling jewelry pieces. Here, you’ll find a broad collection of necklaces primed with gold and silver pendants and earrings in the standard Kendra Scott drop style. There are fewer personalized pieces in this Kendra Scott catalog than in others, but the pieces here are meant to provide your mother’s outfits with an elegant lift, even if she’s relaxing in the comfort of her home. Note that your choices here aren’t relegated to the traditional metallic colors. Kendra Scott offers its shoppers access to a relatively broad collection of gemstones, ranging from watercolors to emerald to turquoise. No matter what your mom’s style is you’ll have a chance to find a piece that suits her personal style.

*From the top-selling catalog, you can transition readily into Kendra Scott’s fine jewelry. There are fewer watercolor gems here. Instead, you’ll find 14 karat gold pendant necklaces set with white diamonds next to matching sets of stud earrings. These collections are ideal for mothers who are fashion-forward and who value the elegance of well-cultivated pieces. You’ll find Kendra Scott’s signature on all of these highly unique pieces, setting them apart from every other piece of jewelry your mother already has in her collection. Note that prices in the fine jewelry catalog tend to be more expensive than the offerings in the jeweler’s other categories. On Mother’s Day 2021, you can explore the platform’s various sales to see which coupons and deals may allow you to bring one of these unique pieces home with you.

*Shoppers who can’t pick what they want to bring home to Mom for Mother’s Day 2021 don’t always have to. Kendra Scott offers gift boxes to anyone who wants to pair one of the jeweler’s necklaces with a matching set of stud earrings. These teal blue and yellow boxes rival Tiffany in their notoriety. The jewelry itself displays the vastness of Kendra Scott’s collection, with watercolors sitting alongside silver sets. You can also pair up a piece of Kendra Scott’s collection with one of her signature Votive candles, allowing your mom the comfort of essential oils in addition to a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

*When in doubt, why not bring Mom home a piece of jewelry designed specifically for Mother’s Day 2021? Several of the Kendra Scott pieces available this year are personalized with moms in mind. You can bring home a variety of designs, including unique watercolor earrings and several heart-shaped designs. When it comes down to it, what’s more traditional than a “mom" necklace? You can find gift sets and individual gifts alike, all personalized to celebrate your mother and the gifts she’s given you over the years.

*If you’re looking to pair your jewelry with a unique Kendra Scott gift, you have the option of bringing home mother-of-pearl tumbler candles in addition to your jewelry box. You can personalize these candles for Mother’s Day in addition to choosing their size: small or large.

When you celebrate Mother’s Day 2021, you’re celebrating more than just your mom. You’re celebrating the years you’ve spent building up your relationship together. The value of those years, however, isn’t reflected in how much you spend on your mom’s gift. Instead, Kendra Scott’s inventory is designed to make sure that you can give your mother a gift she enjoys and that won’t break the bank. You can browse through gifts under $50, $75 and $100. Similarly, Kendra Scott has distinguished its Mother’s Day line from the rest of the jewelry currently in its inventory, making your gift options unique among an already-unique collection.

*If you’re looking for ways to save money on your Kendra Scott Mother’s Day gift in 2021, you’re in luck. You can sign up for the Kendra Scott email newsletter to stay on top of the sales coming out before 2021’s Mother’s Day. Once you’ve found the jewelry you want to give to your mother, you can head over to and see what kinds of coupons may help you save a few dollars.

Kendra Scott and her vast collection have been carefully cultivated to reflect the company’s values as well as the styles that moms around the world can enjoy. The company values family and wants you to have the means to do it, too. On Mother’s Day 2021, you can browse the vast jewelry collection and discover what gifts suit your mom’s taste as well as your budget.

Kendra Scott Mother's Day FAQs

When Do Kendra Scott’s Mother’s Day 2021 Sales Go Live?

There’s no need to watch the Kendra Scott website like a hawk for the first sign of Mother’s Day 2021 deals. Instead, if you want to stay on top of the company’s Mother’s Day communications, you can sign up for its email newsletter. Not only will you receive unique coupons right in your inbox, but you’ll also be among the first to know when this year’s Mother’s Day sales go live.

Are There Kendra Scott’s Products That Aren’t Eligible For Mother’s Day Discounts?

Some of Kendra Scott’s stock will not be discounted or available for purchase with a coupon during the company’s Mother’s Day 2021 sale. If you’re not sure what items you can use your available deals with, you can take a look at either the sale’s terms and conditions or those affiliated with your coupon of choice.

How Can I Get The Best Deals on Kendra Scott’s Mother’s Day Discounts?

When it comes to saving money on your Mother’s Day presents, Kendra Scott has you covered. You can sign up for the company’s email newsletter and receive special use coupons before anyone else. You’ll also receive updates letting you know when you can start shopping 2021’s Mother’s Day discounts. After you’ve decided what you want to send to your mom this year, you can head over to to see if there are any coupons available to you that you may have otherwise missed.