Lowe's 4th of July Deals & Discounts

Lowe's 4th of July Deals & Discounts

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Top Lowe's 4th of July Deals

20% Off

20% Off All Orders When You Open and Use Store Brand Card

Take advantage now and get 20% discount on all orders when you open and use store brand card.

Online Tip

Buy Early and Save on Select Appliance Special Values

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping on Orders Over $45

Shop now and get free shipping on orders over $45.

10% Off

10% Off Eligible Purchases for Active Military Personnel and Veterans

Be quick and get 10% discount on eligible purchases for active military personnel and veterans.

25% Off

Up to 25% Off Select Floor Care

Click through and get up to 25% discount on select floor care.

40% Off

Up to 40% Off Select Ceiling Fans and Decor Lighting

Click through and get up to 40% discount on select ceiling fans and decor lighting.

30% Off

Up to 30% Off Kitchen Cabinets

Click through and get 10% discount on orders over $1,000, 20% discount on orders over $5,000 or 30% discount on orders over $10,000 on kitchen cabinets.

30% Off

Up to 30% Off Bali Custom Blinds and Shades

Click through and get up to 30% discount on Bali custom blinds and shades.

30% Off

Up to 30% Off Levolor Custom Blinds and Shades

Click through and get up to 30% discount on Levolor custom blinds and shades.

20% Off

Up to 20% Off Select Ceiling Fans

Click through and get up to 20% discount on select ceiling fans.

How to save money at Lowe's this 4th of July

People love Lowe's because it provides a variety of home improvement products for people who are looking for their next DIY project. From a minor upgrade to an entire home add-on, Lowe's can make it easy for you to save money and get a great product. During Fourth of July 2021, you can get your Lowe's home improvement products at a discount, but what are the best ways to get a discount during Fourth of July 2021?

The first thing you need to know is your best options for saving at Lowe's. When you’re shopping at Lowe's during Fourth of July 2021, you need to narrow down your options so you can make sure you’re seeing all the best discounts and deals. After all, you can’t exactly browse through all of the products at Lowe's. Here’s how you can narrow down your Lowe's options for Fourth of July sales.

  • As a home improvement company, you’re probably going to think of home improvement products at Lowe's first and foremost. This spans a wide range, including everything from lawn mowers to home improvement projects. If you’re waiting for the right time to start a new home improvement project, a Fourth of July sale could kickstart the process.

  • There are also some less-obvious products available at Lowe's that can help you understand a bit more about your Fourth of July 2021 options. Smart home products, for example, might not be something you think about when you first think of Lowe's, but the Fourth of July 2021 sales at Lowe's can help you save on a smart home upgrade.

  • Different products typically go on sale for different years on the Fourth of July. Every year, some companies may focus more or less on different products. One of the best things you can do to get the most out of Fourth of July sales is to look through the ads and see what Lowe's is directly promoting for Fourth of July 2021.

Sure, narrowing down your options with categories is helpful, but what if you want to narrow things down even further? Fourth of July sales can be expansive, and if you want to make sure you’re getting right to the heart of the products you’re most interested in, you might want to create a shopping list for individual items. Here’s what you can do to decide the exact items you’re most interested in.

  • First and foremost, it’s a good idea to look at the Lowe's ads. Most of the time, Lowe's Fourth of July ads will come out a few weeks before Fourth of July, giving you plenty of time to look into them. These ads will highlight specific products that might be a great way to save extra money. Plus, many of these products will probably sell out quickly early on.

  • If you want to cut to the best possible deals, you might want to do your own research to find a Fourth of July 2021 buying guide. The company may even publish its own Fourth of July 2021 buying guide, although you can also typically find Fourth of July buying guides on websites that help people save money.

  • Before you start shopping during Fourth of July 2021, you want to make sure you know what type of shopper you are. Do you want to try out some home improvement products? Are you interested in refinishing your backyard or patio? Do you want to upgrade your barbecue? No matter what it is, Fourth of July 2021 sales can help you get the best deals.

Of course, the Fourth of July 2021 sales are probably where you’re going to find interesting discounts and deals, but that doesn’t mean you have to commit only to Fourth of July sales when you’re buying during Fourth of July. Here are a few more ways you can save during the Fourth of July 2021 sale period.

  • One of the best ways you can save at Lowe's during Fourth of July is to check for coupons and promo codes at Savings.com. Savings.com often has the best discounts and deals available, especially if you’re interested in getting a coupon or promo code. Make sure you’re looking for coupons at Savings.com even if you think you have a great deal on the products you’re interested in.

  • A great option for saving money during Fourth of July is looking into the clearance section. After all, the clearance section doesn’t disappear when Lowe's is having a sale of some kind. If you stack Fourth of July deals with Lowe's clearance section sales, you may be able to get the absolute best deals on your orders.

  • On the Lowe's website, you can sign up for the Lowe's email newsletter. This way, you can know when the Fourth of July sale is happening. You can also get an email keeping you up to date on Lowe's discounts and deals year-round, making it easier for you to get the best deals no matter when you’re going to make a purchase.

One of the best things about Fourth of July discounts is the fact that there are so many ways to use them. After all, there are generally many ways to save money during Fourth of July sales at Lowe's, and if you want to save the most money, Savings.com can help you do even more. Combine all the methods of saving at Lowe's, including coupons and promo codes from Savings.com, to get the best Fourth of July discount.

Lowe's 4th of July FAQs

Can I get special Fourth of July 2021 discounts at Lowe's stores?

Sometimes, local stores may give you access to unique Fourth of July discounts that you can’t get elsewhere. However, this isn’t always a given; you need to make sure you look at your local Lowe's stores to see whether the local ones will give you special discounts. If you’re not sure, call your local Lowe's to ask about special Fourth of July deals.

Will Lowe's honor credit card offers on top of Fourth of July deals?

Most of the time, you can use Lowe's credit card offers when you’re already taking advantage of Fourth of July deals. However, this might not always be the case, so you should typically check the terms and conditions of your credit card offer to make sure you can use it with the Fourth of July deals as well.

Is it possible to get great Lowe's Fourth of July deals on the app?

The Lowe's app is a great way to make sure you’re getting the best Fourth of July deals. In general, the app is a great way to learn more about the current discounts and deals that you can get at Lowe's, and that includes Fourth of July as well as anything else that’s going on at Lowe's. Download the app today to stay in the loop about Lowe's discounts and deals as well as get access to exclusive options like browsing in-store stock.