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How to save money at Overstock this Black Friday

As Black Friday 2020 rolls around, people are starting to think about their shopping experiences and how it may be different this year. Black Friday is always a great time to get a deal, and 2020 should be no different. However, you might need to go about your Black Friday deal-hunting a bit differently than normal, checkout the Overstock coupons on Savings.com.

One of the things Overstock is most well known for is its variety of discounts and deals. These discounts and deals are incredible just on their own, but you can get an even better deal if you choose to purchase your Overstock products during Black Friday.

Black Friday is going to have to change slightly this year for a number of reasons, but largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re hoping to get some great deals during Black Friday, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best Black Friday deals while still staying safe. Here’s how Overstock is dealing with COVID-19.

  • Many of the things Overstock offers for customers are things that can make your home a little nicer to live in, which is even more important now than it’s ever been before. That’s why Overstock is offering free standard shipping within the continental United States, making it even easier for you to decorate.

  • Customer contact options are currently very minimized as Overstock tries to ensure its customer contact representatives are safe. That means it might take some more time for you to get in touch with a customer service representative than it usually would.

  • Some Overstock warehouses are having longer shipping times than they used to, especially because Overstock works with a variety of partners, some of whom have had to reduce the staff they usually have on standby. Try to stay patient and understand why these warehouses are functioning in the way they are.

Black Friday is one of the most coveted days of the year for deal-savvy shoppers, and it’s not hard to see why. If you’re looking for a great way to save even more money at Overstock than usual, here are a few reasons to wait for Black Friday to roll around first.

  • Even though Overstock doesn’t have any physical stores, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be smart and shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deals. The best option for getting a great deal at Overstock is to look across the website and take into account all the current sales, including both Black Friday sales and anything else you might be able to use.

  • Overstock Black Friday ads have historically had over 20 pages. That means there are a lot of Black Friday sales to take advantage of every year, which shouldn’t be surprising given how many products Overstock typically has available. It’s always a good idea to look through these ads and see what Overstock is offering this Black Friday.

  • It’s most common to see Black Friday deals on home décor products at Overstock. That’s because Overstock is probably most well known for its home décor, which means it tends to run a variety of savings on these products during the biggest sales of the year.

Overstock’s home décor section may be the most well-known, but it’s certainly not the only thing to purchase. Here are a few other things you might want to consider purchasing from Overstock during its Black Friday sale this year.

  • Garden and patio products are another option for Black Friday discounts and deals. Although this is still home décor in a sense, it’s a different kind of home décor. If you’re looking for great garden and patio products, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find it during the Overstock Black Friday event.

  • Jewelry and watches tend to be more high-end products, which is exactly why many people look for discounts and deals on these products. If you’re looking to get a discount on these high-end products, it’s a good idea to wait and see whether you can get that discount during Black Friday.

  • One thing many people want to purchase at a discount is electronics. That’s because electronics can be extremely expensive, even when you’re buying them on the lower end. The Overstock Black Friday event can be a great time to get an even better discount on electronics across the Overstock site.

Every year, people try to guess what certain prominent retailers might do for Black Friday. Some of these guesses may be closer than others. Many of the best guesses come from people looking at previous Black Friday sales and extrapolating guesses from those sales.

  • 2019 was, in the words of Overstock itself, the company’s biggest Black Friday blowout yet. It included gigantic sales on a variety of products, including (but not limited to) home décor, rugs, bedding, large furniture and more. Because it keeps increasing the size of the Black Friday sales, you might be able to get something similarly giant in 2020.

  • In 2018, Overstock put a lot of emphasis on doorbusters. There were literally millions of deals and thousands of doorbusters for you to choose from, making it a great time for anyone to start their Overstock obsession.

  • The 2017 Overstock sale centered largely around a number of individual products. The best way to shop this sale was mostly to shop individually, which meant shopping like you normally would at Overstock, but just looking at the sale price.

Overstock Black Friday FAQs

Will my Overstock order have a delay because of COVID-19?

Ideally, your Overstock order should still come with around the usual timetable. Of course, warehouse processing and shipping may both have impacts because of COVID-19. That’s why Overstock has begun to let customers know that there may be a slight delay compared to what you’re used to, especially if you used Overstock before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. This delay is something that typically shouldn’t cause huge concerns, however.

Can I combine existing Overstock discounts with Black Friday discounts?

It depends on both discounts. Some Overstock coupons and promo codes might not work with products that are currently on sale. If this is the case, you’re probably not going to be able to use an Overstock coupon with your Black Friday purchase. However, if the Overstock coupon works with products that are already on sale, you probably can use it at the same time as a Black Friday purchase.

How do I know what products will be on sale during Black Friday?

It’s almost impossible to know which products will be on sale during Black Friday. However, if you take a look at previous Overstock Black Friday sales, you can get an idea of what you might be able to save money on. For the most part, it’s common for Overstock Black Friday sales to stretch out across the majority of products at Overstock, which means it’s a great time to purchase the things you’re interested in.