Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday Deals & Discounts

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Top Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday Deals

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Get the New Samsung Galaxy A42 5G for $5/mo. Plus 30% Off Select A42 Accessories

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Save More With Verizon, Military and Veterans Discount Program

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Save Exclusive Discounts for First Responders

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Save on Wireless With Exclusive Discounts for Teachers and Their Families

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Get Up to $1,000 Off Galaxy S21 5G When You Switch and Trade in With Unlimited

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Save on Wireless With Exclusive Discounts for Nurses and Their Families

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Unlimited Plans Starting at $35 a Line

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How to save money at Verizon Wireless this Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest sales events of the year for a reason. Every year, Cyber Monday follows up Black Friday, providing amazing discounts and deals online. Cyber Monday 2020 is supposed to be even bigger than any Cyber Monday previously, especially because people are looking for more and more ways to get discounts without having to shop in person.

One of the best ways to get Cyber Monday 2020 discounts is to make sure you have all the pieces of the puzzle to utilize those discounts. For example, it’s always a good idea to look for Verizon Wireless coupons from to see whether you can combine them with Cyber Monday deals.

The biggest reason Cyber Monday 2020 is going to be so different is because of COVID-19. Verizon Wireless wants to make it easier for you to shop this Cyber Monday, which is why it’s maintaining strict safety precautions. Here’s how Verizon Wireless is making sure it’s safe to shop during COVID-19.

  • Verizon Wireless has offered free two-day shipping for a long time on a number of the products you can purchase from the online store. Most phones come with free two-day shipping still, which means you don’t have to come to a Verizon Wireless store near you to get your phone as soon as possible.

  • Most non-emergency transactions are available through My Verizon Online or the My Verizon app. This is especially true now that COVID-19 has made it so that going to a local store isn’t as feasible. If you’re getting new service, changing your existing service, or purchasing a phone, you can probably do it through My Verizon Online.

  • The customer service hours at Verizon Wireless are changing slightly as a response to COVID-19. You can still reach Verizon Wireless every day, although there might be slightly reduced hours if you’re trying to get in touch with a Verizon Wireless customer service agent directly.

In general, Cyber Monday is about getting the best possible deals. Many people plan out their Cyber Monday shopping the same way they do their Black Friday shopping to make sure they’re getting the most out of them. Here’s how Cyber Monday can work for you.

  • Knowing more about Cyber Monday deals before they actually come up is one way you can plan out your Cyber Monday shopping. That’s why it’s a good idea to check and sign up for Verizon Wireless emails to learn more about the Cyber Monday deals before they happen.

  • It’s common for Verizon Wireless to bundle its Black Friday deals with its Cyber Monday deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals both tend to save plenty of money for shoppers, which is why so many people congregate to them. If you’re looking for a great deal, consider checking to see what Black Friday deals you might still be able to use on Cyber Monday.

  • As a company that mostly centers around electronics, Verizon Wireless tends to take full advantage of Cyber Monday. This year is almost certainly no different. Keep an eye out for the best Cyber Monday discounts and deals, all of which will offer a variety of benefits for all shoppers, new and old.

When you’re thinking about Cyber Monday deals at Verizon Wireless, chances are you’re going to think mostly about phones and electronics in general. However, Verizon Wireless has a number of different product options to get during Cyber Monday. Here are a few of the products to look at for great discounts this Cyber Monday.

  • There are a number of different plans to consider if you’re looking for phone service through Verizon Wireless. That’s one of the places you might want to look for Cyber Monday discounts and deals; getting the right phone service plan is easier when you’re able to look at all of the potential deals.

  • One of the selling points of Verizon Wireless is the fact that it has partnerships with a variety of entertainment conglomerates. That means that in the past, it’s partnered with companies like Apple Music and Disney to provide premium entertainment products to customers at a better price.

  • Many phone companies are starting to offer phone and internet bundles, and Verizon Wireless is doing just the same. Verizon FIOS is the new Verizon Wireless internet option. This Cyber Monday, look to see whether Verizon Wireless is going to offer bundle discounts on Verizon FIOS.

Projecting future Cyber Monday deals isn’t always easy. It’s common for people to want to know exactly what Cyber Monday will hold for them, but predicting it isn’t necessarily easy. The good news is that if you look back at past Cyber Monday deals, you’re more likely to be able to understand what future Cyber Monday deals will offer.

  • Most of the time, Verizon Wireless offers specific discounts on individual products during Cyber Monday and Black Friday. That means it’s a good idea to take a look at whichever product you’re interested in, then see whether Verizon Wireless will end up offering a Cyber Monday discount for those products.

  • BOGO deals are extremely common at Verizon Wireless. Typically, however, Verizon Wireless doesn’t use Buy One, Get One Free. It’s most common for these BOGO deals to be Buy One, Get One Discounted, although that discount can be hundreds of dollars.

  • Internet, TV and phone bundles have been incredibly common in past Verizon Wireless Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. If you’re looking for a great discount on a number of different services, consider looking at Verizon FIOS deals for the entire bundle.

Verizon Wireless Cyber Monday FAQs

Are Cyber Monday and Black Friday the same at Verizon Wireless?

At Verizon Wireless, there are great discounts and deals you can get during both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. However, these discounts might be different between each sale event. The best way to differentiate between Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals is to look directly at Verizon Wireless’s ads, which will give you access to information about what products will be on sale and how you can access those sales.

Will Verizon Wireless offer Cyber Monday deals this year?

Cyber Monday is growing in popularity substantially this year specifically because of COVID-19. Some people might not be totally sure about going out to shop during Black Friday because of the risk of COVID-19, which means many people are instead choosing to shop from home. Cyber Monday is the perfect way to shop from home and get the best discounts. Chances are that Verizon Wireless will expand its Cyber Monday discounts and deals even more than they have in previous years.

Is it safe to purchase from Verizon Wireless during COVID-19?

COVID-19 has made a lot of people worry about the safety of certain purchases. However, you can be certain that buying products by mail is as a whole completely safe. Plus, because Verizon Wireless is taking specific steps to keep its warehouses and distributing processes safe and clean, it’s safer than ever to make your Verizon Wireless purchases online.