Are You Like Busy Betty?

busy betty

Betty is just that. Busy. She needs more hours in the day and has very little time or brain space for planning her grocery trips. She finds herself in the grocery store more often that she would like to be, but she also stresses about how she isn’t saving as much as she could be, because it’s just too hard to find time to pull together a grocery list, much less save money at the same time.

Favado can help busy shoppers just like Betty.

  • Betty knows she has a quick and easy way to get the best deals on groceries, health and beauty products while on the go, even walking through the store.

  • If Betty leaves her house without her phone, she’s in trouble. Betty never has to worry about leaving the deals behind.

  • Betty can stop overspending because Favado finds the best deals on her favorite products and tells her where to find those deals.

Betty needs Favado, so she can take advantage of all the top deals and her favorite deals at the store each week. Betty needs Favado to remove that “I wish I didn’t spend so much on groceries” stress and anxiety each week.

Are you like Busy Betty? Are you ready to let Favado help you save on groceries, health and beauty items as your scurry through the stores?


If you can’t really relate to Busy Betty, you might find yourself identifying with List Making Lynn or Step Ahead Steph.