Are You Like List Making Lynn?

list making

You probably know have a Lynn in your life, or maybe you’re just like Lynn. Lynn makes lists, lots and lots of lists. She’s like a “Chief Operating Officer” in her home and she uses lists to keep things running smoothly, and keep her mind from being overwhelmed by life’s daily and weekly tasks. She has errands lists, honey-do lists, people to call lists, and the ever important grocery shopping list.

Here’s how Favado can help someone just as list obsessed as Lynn.

  • Helps Lynn simplify the weekly grocery planning process by packing all the best deals, as well as her favorite deals into a organized and easy to use app.

  • Lynn trusts that Favado is saving not only time and a few shreds of sanity, but also a significant amount of money as well.

  • Lynn doesn’t worry about forgetting something on her list, or missing a great deal, as Favado puts the grocery list right is the palm of her hands.

¬†Lynn has to feed her family, all while staying on a budget.¬†Favado makes the “finding deals and making lists” part of the weekly shopping trip planning process effortless. Favado helps Lynn discover significant savings on items for the entire family.

Are you like List Making Lynn? Are you ready to let Favado help you save what little sanity might be left for pulling together your weekly grocery list?


If you can’t really relate to Step Ahead Steph, you might find yourself identifying with Busy Betty or Step Ahead Steph.