Are You Like Step Ahead Steph?

Grocery Shopping List

Life is busy. But Step Ahead Steph still manages to stay, well, “a step ahead.” Steph is ready to take the grocery store by storm. She’s got her list in hand, or one her smart phone. She’s gathered her coupons and is ready to hand them to the cashier when she walks up. Steph considers herself a stealth couponer, but feels frustrated by the process sometimes. She wants and needs  access to exclusive coupon matching deals that she knows she can trust. She needs a shopping plan and grocery app that will help her find significant savings on her entire grocery bill.

Here’s how Favado helps out a shopper like Steph.

  • Provides  Steph with the sale and coupon match-ups from her local stores, in a neat and organized format.

  • Steph trusts the deals that Favado finds because she knows they are curated by experts who actually visit stores to unearth unadvertised savings.

  • She knows that Favado uncovers the best deals possible each week.

Also, Favado helps cut through the paper store circular clutter on her dining room table, and because the coupon matchup information is so easy to find, it helps simplify the process of pulling together the coupons she needs to attach to her shopping list.

Are you like Step Ahead Steph? Are you ready to let Favado help you save time pulling together your coupons and grocery list?


If you can’t really relate to Step Ahead Steph, you might find yourself identifying with Busy Betty or List Making Lynn.