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Most Common Issues

Most Common Issues

How do I reset my password?

Click the password reset button on the Favado menu of your phone.

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Favado is not compatible with my phone’s operating system. Why not?

Favado is compatible with Android devices that are running version 2.3 or higher. Favado is compatible with iPhones, iPads or iPod touches running iOS 6.1 or later. Favado is optimized for iPhone 5.

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I can’t find Favado on the App Store for my iPad. How do I download it?

Favado was developed primarily for the iPhone / iPod Touch, but it is possible to download it on an iPad. To do this, you need to ensure that you have enabled iPhone apps in your search results on your iPad. On many iPads this is disabled by default, so you many need to change that to download Favado.

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Can we use Favado on a PC?

Favado is only available to use via a mobile app. We encourage you to check our Experts page (coming soon) to find a money-saving expert to follow which also have the sale lists available on their websites.

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I shop at {store name} but don’t see it in the app. When will you cover it?

You can find the current list of stores included in the app on our Stores page.

For stores we do NOT have:  Please click “Request a Store” on the store selection page to let the Favado Data team know that you would like your store listed in the app

For stores we DO have:  Please contact us using the form below and share your area’s zip code so we can research the discrepancy.

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I signed up online at, but never received a confirmation email.

Please check your email’s spam filter to ensure the email came through. The email will come from

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I know there is a store nearby but it is not pulling up in the app for me to select. What do I do?

Please submit a support ticket below so we can research this issue for you.

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The app has the sale price listed differently than what the store shelf price is.

This most likely happened because the weekly ad that our sales data is based on is slightly different from the weekly ad at the store you shop at. Many retailers have different prices at a regional – or even a store – level.

We are working tirelessly to make sure that the regionalized sale prices reflect what is seen in local stores. We appreciate you letting us know and we will continue to work hard on making sure the prices are accurate in your store.

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I’d love to see a new feature in the app.

Please share it with us using the form below. We will share it with the product development team for consideration and inclusion in a future app update.

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  1. Hi, I live in zip 93420 and I don’t see CVS as one of my store options. We definitely have them here though. Is there someway to get it added to my account? Thanks!

    1. Hey Jaime,

      We’ve updated the CVS zip coding errors that we’d been experiencing. Hopefully you can find the CVS list now!

  2. I would like to install this App on my HP 7 1800. It has a 4.1.2 OS and in Google play it states that “this app is not compatible with my device”. Why is that ? Based on the requirements for the app it Requires Android
    2.3 and up. Please help I would really like this app for my tablet.
    Thank you in advance,

    1. Hey Alisha,

      We’re checking with the product/tech team…stay tuned!

    2. Hey Alisha,

      Sorry that you are having trouble running Favado on your tablet. Because Android devices all have different capabilities, it is possible your own device doesn’t meet some of the requirements. Currently, Favado requires GPS capabilities, so if your tablet doesn’t have that function, it won’t be able to run the app. We are looking at solutions that would allow tablets without GPS functionality to be compatible, but can’t make any promises on timeline. We apologize for the inconvenience, and hopefully a future update may make your device and Favado play nice!

  3. I’d love to install this on my Windows phone. When do you anticipate having a Favado app available for the Windows platform?

    1. Hey Katie,

      At this time, we don’t have plans to develop for Windows phones or tablets. Sorry!

  4. I tried installing Favado on my HTC, but it gives me the error message that the package file is invalid. Is there anything I can do to get this app or am I out of luck?

    1. Hey Megan,

      We are working on this issue now. Can you please email so we can get back to you when it’s fixed. Thanks for your patience!


  5. Please reconsider developing the Favado app for Windows phone too. I’d love to use your app, but I have a Windows phone.

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have plans at this time to develop for Windows phone.

  6. Hello!

    Just wondering what it means when what coupon(s) to use under More Ways to Save is crossed off under the printable coupons section in the app? I am assuming it means it is no longer available to print?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. Yes Sherrie, that means that they are no longer available to print.


  7. I saw this on Steve Harvey.

    I have downloaded the app on my iPhone, however, I am trying to add more stores to my phone but it doesn’t allow me to do this.

    Is there a trick to add additional stores?

    1. Teri, you can add up to 10 stores to your list at a time.


  8. Brian Stevens

    Many times a coupon is listed as being in SS or RP, but I cannot find the coupon. Is there a reason for this?

    1. Sometimes the coupons placed into the SS and RP are regional. We do our best to mark them accordingly in our coupon database.

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