Buyer Beware

They’re out there…lurking in the shadows of the Internet, waiting to pounce on the weary and hungry online shopper looking for the deal that is too good to be true. Beware of THE SCAM (i.e. stuff does NOT do)!

No Subscription Required

Never, ever pay to subscribe to a site in order to get online coupons. Talk about wasting your money! Remember, we’re the smart shoppers because we use sites like that offer us deals on the goods and services we need and want. And they always do this for free! Does it make any sense that we would pay to save money? Nope. And online coupons are free to the public, so the only reason any site would charge us to see/use coupons is so they (the website) can make more money off of you. No thanks!

Use Reputable Coupon Sites

Not to worry! and many other online coupon sites have a reputation for being honest, helpful, and savvy when it comes to helping us find a good deal. And I should know – I find deals for you and me! Scam sites and automated sites are often a waste of time because they are full of expired, dead, or non-existent links that waste your time and take you to nothing. And who knows what kind of spam or spyware we are vulnerable to when visiting a site that is less than reputable? Use your best judgment and navigate away from sites that just don’t feel right.

Sites Collecting Personal Data

Do you give out your personal information (address, telephone number, social security number, etc.) to anyone that asks? I hope not. And the same should go for website registration. At, all you need to register is an email address, username, password and zip code so they can more easily assist you with geographic-sensitive coupon offerings (and you don’t even have to register to get great deals!). Why give out more information than that? If you register with, you can even opt-out of receiving the Deal Hunter newsletter in your email if you want.  The bottom line guarantee with is that you will receive nothing from them ever unless you specifically ask for it.

Beware of sites that want to know too much information! Why would a coupon site need to know your phone number or social security number? If they do ask, have the smarts to simply say no and navigate away from there.

Sites with No Contact Information

Watch out for sites that do not have any contact information. If you have a problem or want to ask a question, whom are you going to contact? At, we answer your emails, we have an office (in sunny Santa Barbara on State St.) and we’re real people just like you! Ask away!

Buying From Unknown Merchants

Want to take the guess-work out of choosing dependable online shopping sites? Use a site such as to find reputable online merchants. Not to toot our own horn here, but we filter and choose which deals and online stores to post. We review each deal and work with each merchant. No guessing. No false deals. No unknown sites.

If you don’t use or another reputable coupon site, be very critical of the online sites that you choose to patronize. A small padlock icon somewhere on the shopping or checkout page, in addition to the standard padlock your browser displays, typically defines a secure connection. But this does not mean that all is well. If you can’t find reviews of the shopping site or retailer (use an online search engine to do some sleuthing), don’t use them. Likewise, if they have no contact info, require unnecessary information from you or do not return your email or phone inquiries, you should be cautious of patronizing their site.

Expiration Dates are Missing

Online shopping is fast, easy, and smart. That is, unless every deal you click on is expired! Don’t waste your time with shopping sites that leave expired deals up or do not list expiration dates for online coupons and promo codes. What a let down it would be to find a great online deal, begin shopping for what you want, and then find out that the offer is no longer valid. At we try to list an expiration date whenever possible for each and every deal. Those without expiration dates are reviewed frequently to make sure they are still good.

Restrictions – You Need To Know the Rules

Whenever possible will list the restrictions of a deal in the description. Why? Well, much like the let down of an expired coupon, not knowing the details of an offer may mean that you don’t qualify. Having the restrictions means you can follow any necessary instructions or rules to receive an offer. Even if the restriction is as simple as “Save 50% When You Spend $100 or More,” it’s good to know that you need to spend $100 to save 50%.

False Promises

All of our deals are real. I, along with a highly trained team of deal specialists, test and review our deals every day. is dedicated to bringing you honest, good deals that will work. No smoke and mirrors, no tricks. Beware of sites and deals that are too good to be true. We check every deal, know all of our merchants, and quality-check them every day. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Unless, of course, it’s on our site! By including in your shopping routine, you can rest assured we checked the deals out for you.

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