Merchant Coverage

Like online merchants who want it to be easy for you to use coupons on their sites, we at want it to be as simple as can be for you to find the coupon code or deal you’re looking for on the product you want or need. We strive to make the premiere coupon and deal site on the Internet, and we do this by providing as much coverage of different merchants and their deals as we possibly can.

As far as merchant coverage, is tops. We work with huge, recognizable merchants like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Target, but we also work with smaller, lesser-known merchants like,, and We want to be sure that no matter where you shop online, will have a deal or coupon for you to use on your purchase. We do research into current trends and new merchants to keep up on what types of sites consumers are shopping at and on what types of sites consumers will be shopping at in the future. All of this is done with you in mind. We want you to think of as your single stop for all online coupons and deals.

Bump / Bury Coupons

One nifty feature we’ve implemented to help consumers know which deals are hot and which are not on our site is the bump and bury feature. Many coupon sites have rating features that are based on ratings that the site employees give the deals. Originally, we started off that way as well, but we came to realize that what the consumer thinks of our deals is far more important than what we think of them. After this epiphany, the bump and bury feature was implemented. Now, whenever a user visits, they are able to bump deals they think are good and bury deals that they think are not good. Also, each time a user uses one of our coupons on a purchase, it is counted as a bump, so it is done automatically for you, even if you navigate away from our site during the course of your shopping. The deal must convert to a sale before it will be bumped though, so only deals that people are actually using will get the benefit of an automatic bump.

By Category

In addition to the bump and bury feature on, we also offer a very powerful search feature. We allow users to search for deals in a number of ways. The first way is by category. On the left side of the page while you’re at, you’ll see a list of categories. By clicking on one of these categories, you’ll be able to see all the relevant deals to that particular type of product. Some examples of categories are Clothing & Fashion, Flowers & Gifts, and Kids & Baby. A lot of these categories may be broken down further by clicking on the + sign on the right of the main category title. We even create special tabs for seasonal categories like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Tax Deals. Our goal is for you to be able to find a coupon code or deal for the product you want as easily as possible, and being able to search by category is one way in which we hope to make this possible.

By Store

Another way allows users to search for a deal is locating the deal by store. Below the category types on the left side of the screen is a feature that allows you to search for a store alphabetically. You may also get a full list of all the stores we have deals or coupons for by clicking the “View All Stores” button below the alphabetical listing. In addition to looking alphabetically, you can also view featured stores by looking at the list of stores on the bottom of that same column on the left side of the page. These stores are featured because we either have really great deals for them or their coupons are getting a lot of action from consumers.

By Tag

Shopping by tag is another way to find promo codes and deals for products on Below the Coupons by Store search function, there’s a section for Coupons by Tag on the left side of the site. This is a list of keywords and product names that have a lot of deals or that have popular deals associated with them. As explained on the site, the links that occur in bigger fonts are the ones that have more deals associated with them, and the links that are in red are the ones that have the most popular or the hottest deals associated with them. Shopping by tag is a good way to shop if you’re just browsing and if you’re not really shopping for anything in particular. It may be a good way to find a trendy or popular gift for someone around the holidays as well.

By Popularity (with Time Increments)

If you’re looking for the deals and coupon codes that are tried and true, you can search for deals based on popularity. There are links to click on to look through deals that are Recently Popular, Top in 7 Days, Top in 30 Days, and Top All Time. The coupons displayed in any of the popular sections are deals that have been bumped into high popularity or that have been used by a large number of users, thereby auto-bumping them to popularity. Note, too, that the deals that are “Top All Time” are still valid. Either someone on our team or a user would mark the deal as invalid if it was no longer usable. Being able to find deals by popularity allows you to see what the hot deals are on our site. A deal will not show up in any of the popular sections unless it’s getting some attention, and it would not be getting attention unless there’s something noteworthy about it. In my experience, noteworthy deals equal money saving deals.

Staff Favorites

Another way to find deals on is by looking at the Staff Favorites section. These are deals that have been reviewed and bumped by members of the team. You can rest assured that these are deals worth taking a look at because our team only bumps the best. We look at hundreds of coupons and offers every day, and only a select few codes and offers make it into the Staff Favorites section. These few deals are the cream of the crop, as far as we’re concerned.

Newly Added

If there’s something in particular that you’re deal hunting for, a good place to start looking is the Newly Added section. If you’ve been waiting for a deal on a particular product or store, this is the first section you’ll want to check. Immediately after a deal or promo code is processed and verified by our staff, it goes into the Newly Added section. This is also a good section to check if you know that a merchant you’re interested in tends to put restrictions on the number of times their codes can be used. Be sure to be one of the first to use it by finding it first in the Newly Added section on

Free Shipping

A final search tool we provide is the ability to search for just free shipping offers. While shipping costs don’t seem outrageous, those $4.95s and $12.99s add up. Many, many merchants offer free shipping incentives to their customers as a way of enticing them to shop online instead of in stores. Occasionally, a free shipping offer is worth far more than just a few dollars. Some merchants that sell big-ticket items like televisions, appliances, and furniture offer free shipping from time to time. Not only does this eliminate the hassle of having to go make a big decision in a high-pressure sales environment, but it also eliminates costly shipping charges that can sometimes be $100 or more! On a rare occasion, a merchant will offer free shipping and free haul away of your old appliance. When you find offers like these, take advantage of them. You’ll be grateful you don’t have to deal with the added cost of delivery and the added bother of having to figure out how to get rid of your old item.

Email Alerts

If you’re busy, like oh so many of us are, and if you don’t have a ton of time to look around for killer deals on, you can sign up for email alerts. These email alerts are sent every once in a while (not too frequently…no one, including us, likes inbox spam), and they’re meant to inform you of amazing deals and short term offers that we have posted on the site. We don’t want to you to miss a single savings opportunity, and our occasional email alerts let us keep you informed of the best deals we’ve got.

In addition to email alerts, also offers email newsletters to its members. These newsletters are sent out monthly, and they contain a small number of featured coupons. Our newsletter delivery often coincides with holidays, so much of the time, the deals featured in the newsletter will be for holiday-specific products. If you’re interested in finding the best Valentine’s Day offers, the best Mother’s day offers and more, the newsletter is a great place to find them.

RSS Feeds

If you’d like to have a feed of deals delivered right to your webpage like or any other type of personalized page, you can add the RSS feed., along with Live Bookmarks, gives consumers the option of having coupons and offers posted right on their personal webpages.

My Coupons

If you’re proud of the deals you’ve entered on, and you want to show them to a friend next time they’re over at your place, you can click on the “My Coupons” tab on the top right of the page. You’ll be able to view the coupons you’ve used, the coupons you’ve bumped or buried, and the coupons you’ve entered. This is a good place to find your favorite ongoing coupons that you’ve used previously. You can also see how the deals you’ve entered are doing. As a long time deal enterer myself, I have to say, it’s quite gratifying to see the coupons you’ve entered make progress. It’s nice to know your efforts are helping others save money!

My Friends

Instead of showing your friend your coupons when they’re over at your house, invite them to be your friend on, and they’ll be able to see you favorite deals and you’ll be able to see theirs. When you click the “My Friends” tab on the top right of the page, your friends’ names will show up, and their favorite deals will show up below their names. If your friends are savvy online shoppers, you may be able to save a bunch of money by using their coupons. Or, you could mock them endlessly when you find out they frequent to purchase copious amounts of bling bling. Bling bling may not be your style, and maybe it shouldn’t be your friend’s style, but at least you know they’re getting it at discounted prices!

My Account

The final tab in the top right corner of the page is the “My Account” tab. When you click here, you’ll be able to manage your email alert and newsletter subscriptions. You can also change your password from this page and find links to FAQs and the Contact Us pages.

Sharing Coupons

In addition to being able to share coupons with friends who are also on, users can share coupons with friends via email,,, and Say you’re taking a minute to browse flight deals to Vegas on and you come across a kickin’ coupon for 30% off flights on Virgin America. You know your brother has been thinking about coming out to visit you. What better incentive for him to go through with it? Simply click on the “Digg/Share” button below the coupon text, click “email to friend(s)”, and enter your brother’s email address. Off the coupon goes, and here your brother comes! How much easier could it be?

Reporting a Problem

After you send the Virgin America deal off to your brother, say you find a sweet deal for $100 off flights to Vegas. If you click on that deal and it takes you to a page for discounts on Norwegian Cruiselines or something other than what you’re looking for, please take a moment to report that to us. All you have to do is click on the “Problem?” button, and tell us if it’s expired or broken, a duplicate, spam/not a deal, or if there’s something else wrong with it. It’ll take you just a moment, and you could save someone else the hassle of being disappointed as well. We do our best at to keep things like that from happening, but if it ever does, please alert us, we’ll review the deal, and we’ll clear it off our system if we can’t fix it.

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