Community Guidelines

Real people helping real people get real savings.

The real heart of is our very real community of users, DealPros, and employees. here are some of the things that we really believe in:

We Good Deals

  • Sweet deals and great coupons: At our heart, that’s what we’re about – the best way to save you time and money. If something doesn’t work, or it just isn’t a good deal, we get rid of it.
  • Way to save both big ‘n’ small: It may be fifty cents or a few hundred bucks, but it all adds up. We want to save America billions, and we won’t stop until we get there.
  • Sharing it forward: Find a deal that nobody knows about? Add it to the site so everyone can save.

We Conversation

  • No barriers: We think it should be easy to get involved. Just pick a username and you’re ready to post, chat, add deals and share advice with all of us.
  • Open communication: Got an idea for a better way to save? Let us know what we can do to make your community experience even more helpful.
  • Sharing the love: When you help us help others, we all benefit with better savings! That’s why we like to thank our top deal catchers with a little TLC. Badges, attention, recognition, prizes and giveaways – the more you give, the more you get.

We Nice People

  • Every little bit counts: If you help one person or ten thousand, we appreciate every good deal posted, piece of spam flagged, and thoughtful comment contributed.
  • Good manners: Getting a good deal should never come at the expense of another person or company. If fact, many of our best deals come directly from our merchant partners. And we expect the same consideration from each other. If you’re looking for a playground where you can bully others, this community isn’t for you.
  • A savings family: We’re passionate about helping people live better lives one great deal at a time. So, whether you’re a employee, diehard DealPro, first time visitor or anything in-between, there’s a place for you here.

How to Get Involved

Vote for deals.If you like a deal, click the “good deal” heart in the deal module. If a deal doesn’t work or is otherwise invalid, click “bad deal” and tell us what’s wrong with it. By voting for deals, you’re helping the best deals on our site gain visibility. It helps your fellow community members find the best deals more quickly and easily, so vote for deals that you think will provide value to the other members of the coupon-using community.

Give Feedback. We warmly welcome comments on our blog posts, forum, merchant pages, and any deal on the site. Use the opportunity to share your opinion or to share more information on a topic. Comment on coupons to share your experience using the deal, special instructions to activate it, or to let others know about restrictions. You can also address concerns, ask questions, or offer suggestions by clicking on Contact Us.

Feel free to leave constructive comments about merchants on their pages, but please avoid using the comment section as a soapbox. Contact the store’s customer care department directly to give them your feedback.

And please don’t write comments containing anything you wouldn’t want your 10-year-old nephew or your grandmother to read or see.

Keep it simply helpful. We want to provide the best user experience for our community. Please act in good faith by not creating multiple user accounts, spamming our site with deals that don’t meet our standards (see above for restrictions), adding links to your website, or by otherwise trying to game the system.

If you violate any of our community guidelines, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt the first time, but if future infractions occur, we reserve the right to terminate your account without notice.

For more information on using, please refer to our Terms of Service. For any questions or comments, please visit our Contact Us page to send us a note.